Stolen Oscar Statue

Tuesday, March 6th


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We all disagree that there are certain things you should not post on FaceBook who can write and add self fees ahead. Pictures of food. It's her job. And you committing a felony. Yeah that is committing a crime is a bad thing it's about things so just hypothetically. Right CA here at an Oscar party and use steel Frances McDormand stupid statue. A packed it down just for a second it's just hypothetically. Just just to scout thing. Then nick. You post you Brad about imposed a video yourself saying hey look what I got. I even be surprised me get arrested is fantastic Ari it's something. You greats I mean it's a great story it's only Greg Ascot she got her Oscar back. Yet they didn't she was actually looking for they actually thought she really lost it right first that was the story and then she put it down for second at this party and not into videos and pictures of these parties. Million people crammed into I you know upon restaurant or something like that. And this guy. Who he picks it up. And the god. It's the thought he stressed in the tuxedo. No she looks like keys that legitimate guest at this after party at Denny's waving it around and he's like having people you know take pictures and videotape him say hello I have this Oscar my buddy. Yeah he's jumping around our final reboot and yeah they're bringing in one of the other photographers. Apparently Simon said this is a little fishy and stop the guy. I guess and got it back in and they posted a picture of him and and the police tracked him down underestimate how well played out. He was like walking out with it yeah it wasn't like just picking it up and holding and then putting it back where he found and he was walking around he left the spot. She couldn't find her odds are good little dumb criminal a criminal what. What are people thinking when they post things on Facebook's like and they got away with something defend their telling the whole world will better yet like this guy with somebody's. Legitimate guests right doesn't matter who is this guy gives it knowing who went by that guy I felt. That's a good point imagine if he was your plus one run your life I'm like yeah old school and then you've never get a budget likes to remember that guy you brought to the yeah yeah party and I get invited any I know I know.