Friday, June 15th


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You can't you can't you don't confuse. Morning magic. A magic 106 points in its statements of Kendra is off today with Patrick covering. It's who has the most awesome story ever and it's only it's quarter 6 in the morning and somehow some he meant to trump everything. They have the rest of the morning absolutely like. We talk about trucks getting star wrote you know the two top tracks on under that short bridges about yeah got caught behind 1 of those this morning timed this. Must avenge let me think 515. And juice did you see that that this truck. Yes by the time I got by I actually like I don't know ten minutes but by the time I got by they had to act it out much. Was it damaged moves me and now he's. Enjoy music I don't know I was so mad by then I barely even noticed had just take guests need die and I want it to get out like don't you know it's only used like a ten foot clearance on star tried you know it happens all the time you mean. Who was in the was it like removing them can keep moving out of school or something or was it more luck or obstacle commercial box trochmann yeah. Cytec talk behind act nice deep gash so here I am like just flying into my seat Susie junior by 50550. Thought to want to connect on and you just walked in a couple minutes yes and you've you've Boeheim literally easily into my seat thirty seconds ago and here I am so yeah I. The tornado hit a run in the room but I tell you know. My one reason is. Brought me coffee you know you're concentrating really today it's well as well with the world and I heard good or caffeinated you know what we're cabinet. We're gonna do. I like this John Cusack trivia he's in more movies and I remembered he's in he's been at twelve different movies Jack he has my favorite was out we say anything. Got over the little boxer with a whole lot is adding that's probably his one of his most known its way back from late eighties early nineties but. He's been in a ton when you look cannot you realize that he's been in to. Thousands of movie yeah poisons were to go high fidelity fewer music and you know the film you've probably seen that Jillian times she's doing a discussion of the movie and answer questions and talk about it and so forth. And we've got to an invite for you will do that was some junkies tech trivia and a couple minutes also that the 650 almost impossible question coming out more in shape and tons more. Gone until he broke his. We read. Try to upon assistant.