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Thursday, January 11th


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Wait and sure I can do it this strange that. Would he in New York City or something like this is gonna rephrase it for us after we check your drive. Magic traffic this morning sponsored by care dimensions dot org. Hey David you know it's a slow go coming in on the mast pike in bad right now between groups nine and sixteen. I between north and has taken bridge we have a right lane disabled vehicle like trash truck over there see you wanna stay less than three south. Is host 62 to Mondale and now and salad Roosevelt circle into the city. 24 northbound now we have a left plane accident just after 139. An aim on your back to Harrison boulevard three north do you hung a hung up at derby street. One southbound slow through link field and the Tobin back to roots sixteenth. It's strange celebrity tweet who posted death and can one must always know where to key while locking in New York City. Actually hear you say OK what did it doubt her reach a platinum or Emily Blunt some. I think she can go either dale Emily Blunt but could go to Dell consider British and somehow it seems funny you know and they say that. I don't know much about Rachel Clinton rich. It's why I believe you putter in their son gonna go to Rachel plot rich applied final answer. His original black and. Forget. That's that that's all the celebrating its help for a one man in a row W logic is exactly right I put in a Dallas and we blood because it sounded like something a British person I don't know I just pictured it. But the British accent yeah it's it is a little funny you're thinking of Emily Blunt are adults yeah. And I'll take the web page 634. To how much would you pay. It's it. I never have to go to the movies again I think what he's at the McDonald's saw this fight no kidding during the normally details. After the bullies that wanna six point seven.