Sue Is Always The Top of The Pyramid!

Wednesday, January 31st


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Saturday you said it your market as your sales person's dream totally. By halftime Suzie Suh is the queen of being. Ops sold in what that is that's when you you know they try to say one thing. But over here you can get one that's a little bit nicer with a little more options for an hour 40% more or whatever it is yeah I fought for every time she booked her in winter to the trip with your daughter which I think is probably gonna someplace warm is an affair while we created like. Harper and take us six day five night playing and we're gonna go down to Florida and I booked it and I don't know why did this because it's just my daughter and I so I don't know why the place for staying at. Very nice place a standard room would've been fine but now the woman on the phone. It's like well for just you know a few more dollars a night you can have the one bedroom suite possibly receive. And I was like us well then I looked at the pictures on lying and I was like oh look now you know how little like cook. A look at has it changed our Unita kitsch well. Solution for you don't you're not gonna cook and how. Not I don't cook when I'm home I don't know when I'm on because it was gonna buy food and like there you know. O Turkey and put it in the hope for those hot plate it would of that is. Now I just fell for that you know that the nice you know all of this went shine engineering runner you better top of the pyramid itself on all of the guys is I want the nicest that you have that's what it is whatever and on top of the thing. To be the top of the man you right there I think we all I think we all are inclined to do. I'm totally I don't know I know I think some I have some friends will always go for the cheapest thing. Somehow I file for the most expensive every time. I'm gonna coliseum today. And you go to the car washing you get your car to the car wash for like fourteen dollars and something that's going to be yes the war or you get your car wash like 37 dollars covered up I only you get the washer and the blacks in the undercarriage of the thing we'll so I know you can shine the whole thing and it's like. What you do there it's gonna have a few bucks and had a few I think that's it that's an impossible all of us bright and when I go to that that car wash its I. Funny you say that because it literally sat on the screen. Good bad bets that I didn't think it has a right to send everybody there yeah again got the Big Ten. Well with such high roller it's so that is like the perfect analogy of my life and I am I think Logan of reasons. First and this note of this means anything you can who's sitting. Did you flash button should assume tab and David O'Leary convection which is beyond the fact that they could to opt opt out of the the bigger and international. Here I'll be over here I got shows up when times got to her coupons and I didn't as the vols. You know the minivan littered with July cause yes. I boxes and I get that they hand wash with just they glaze over and I public happen I try to offer myself that's what I. Cold where all at the suds are kind of still freeze and on the card burning off. Well did decent good BC we say at all.