Sue and Her Snobby Water

Tuesday, February 6th


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Which items will you not necessarily buy brand names on. Even if the cancer if you suit tab is none of them have the right sues a brand name girl even when it comes to. The bottle of gas station groups in water that you're that you're. Not out of station I think a lot of its life water and it's Ph.D. balanced that's it PH balance to get a say in it has electoral delays in it felt like it's gonna be healthier for me just ask you who will be pleased with the cost to them blow eight tents have market basket and it's a barge if people don't they can't see it's a large bottle well. The bottle itself was like a work of art and it's got a little draw its cocoon drawings and artwork on the outside of its got content normally cool awesome should graduate. And it's called the Q we give the name registering the name like that's why. Why why it's clear it's not market basket water. Now we've Poland springs UN's top shelf. But that's what you do well it was on sale I don't marketers dream I tell you that all the time like they said 89 cents like fighter and I think oh this is much better than me you know. Whatever standard brand is. You know in my head it probably isn't that just just. That's where it was bottle is it in like Everett Massachusetts. You know from the Mystic River something like that it doesn't even. See there's certain things you can I think there's certain things you can bring home. That are up. Top of the line like name brand and other things you can compromise on which is fine but there's a 1800 number if you wanna know what kind of water quality it is after college put them up. So I hate to break yet I don't know like in my mind somebody out in Colorado and there's a clear broken nearly broad group LeBron filling up every bottle like making it from like really pure and then they're adding that. Bill electoral light like I'm getting off for the yeah. And putting an indication when. Matt and is getting everybody I mean in everything I know it's like just humor me I know in my head that that's not true I know that this is probably from. Opt title in Revere I don't know but. I mean I'm getting married my life lighter and it's something I'm doing that's healthy and it makes you don't parents felt that event. Tell us what you feel better about yourself so you did the shopping market pesky yesterday is is it top to bottom name brands for you like. There's a couple things weren't allowing a good store brand yet. But mostly it's just I'm used to certain brands like I always get the Snyder's pretzels instead of the market back after press pretzels but likes certain things I will buy a the store brand it just depends I just. I just have I don't know yet a lot of it's a lot of it's you. There's certain things that if I come home I'm generally of the cheap skate in the family's own App Store branch store brand on the whatever I can but certain things I can link. English muffins happened to be one of. Now with you know you have to have Thomas you have to you know I think cranny that's exactly I know guys are salad ones are like bricks like there to dance. Yes no no problem on our. Meet with the rest of my family does know cream cheese has to Philadelphia IG would eat you for panties on generic I'll do store brand ventures dot. You are as you've got to get the creamy stuff. No you have to tell Philadelphia any nominee that you can't get reduced basket some of the chips they don't taste just have to send the regular paper products to other paper and paper towels store brand on the Rosie well. Try and keep. Toilet paper I have to get the Shia Mitch lookup because they're they're out they're not cutting corners on the toilet and. And market ask him well right I wouldn't even make the case necessarily you know saying when it comes just don't think I mean we're at right now he's to have. How did you ask instead cut.