Sue and Her Special Milk

Tuesday, February 20th


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Yeah I agree totally that I can tell me yes Imus you're calling it out carefully you guys don't know culture pasteurized milk it two months milk doesn't go bad for two months all the time not possible to well I I looked up ultra pasteurized milk and it's it's a regular milk liked is a couple weeks this one is like six weeks eight. I've got to market basket and I can buy simply Smart milk 1% it'll be it'll say like it's good until the end of march you have to bring some in tomorrow are ice where you and and it really is good and that long it really in truly is what happened was over the weekend morning catching Dave O'Leary Suton who was I don't know Ukrainian refrigerator do we know about to pour some expired something on food I was free now I was clean air refrigerator I was looking at date on my milk to see if I had to throw it out -- this individual's lifetime but this is good march 26 and I bought it probably. Two weeks without. Now. I find that I find that hard to believe that I'm someone who like. I will keep stuff would. Day or two past. Like if the milk is is the milk is expiring today right the next generation it is February 20. I'll stick my nose in the carton. How smell it now god get one more day out of or jumping out. You old school the ultra pasteurized milk stays good for that line an entirely without a drink a lot of milk. So I I need to tell last line time because I only put it in light coffee here by making scrambled eggs or whatever so I needed to last a long time. It's as good at. Four weeks after you buy it it's just that is continuously economic countered you have to refer to him is he putting in the old you are here in the refrigerator and it. It look it tastes way. Feels just like regular milk. PV and you I have you re not I think all these years is more expensive the rig them like not go to market as part of asking yesterday. A bond gallon milk probably for 3349320. No direct an element to our listeners put it on our face but I am and I this is a back me on the item propellers tell you about the ultra pastor myself. Easy doesn't go bad I am prepared to be dazzled I have to hear about a new thing doesn't happen that often.