Sue and Kendra Are Hungover

Thursday, May 17th


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Okay. You tell them. I think I know who are more than 13. I get a big surprise you guys are doomed to you rely on enigma is wrapped up in in riddles I now well you know what else started out innocently enough Kendrick com sick hang. One offer us the lines yeah. And our export and it's going to be. One glass of wine and I don't know how what happened but it was like 530 in the afternoon. And we urges psychopathic us one of my house and we went downtown new report and then all of a sudden. It was 1130 Latin I don't even know how it happens. Open and you have a good sense to put it on themselves vis which is very core I open my computer this morning this is not a word of a lie. 5 o'clock or 530 whatever it was were hit the setup here for the show. Top of my Twitter feed on the go only to video and let me watch this with suing Kendra together and that's kind of dark and grainy. And the best part of the videos the last two seconds of what is it two of them are are doing the self is there walking on the street your arms around each other yeah singing songs. And venue trip on something in Burlington no problem now I was. Wearing heels and my heel got hot keys there's like caught a cobblestone sidewalk. He got caught and I went flying into a flower box outside the group I don't see any video that. It well that's because. She's not by luck the phone I don't I and I went down she went down in a whole body and taking full body into. This whole landscape could. Into it. It really save that kind of message that kind of intake for Friday or Saturday no good for you guys are hitting and. It wasn't just landed our way and now this morning it's been a little bit of a struggle organ of Bergen and just put it out there so if anyone have an extended health care kind so that we need help people should call us and let us know if they have like some sort of hang over remedy that always works is Kim has been viewed McCain has been calling around doing yard Yeltsin to. I'm like. A burger place to do know personally that well McDonald's that excuse me what tell you start or. Is that does that thing is that it's been awhile since I've had that kind of I mean if crave like yeah greasy Hamburg greasy hamburgers you know could threaten humans need the bread in the crease but I can I want ice cream my current economic Flannery or something I was highlighting cheeseburger and a Ferraro arsenal. Maybe I'll do both they're not preserving the natural wealth like your summed figure something and I look at those little I don't. But the so yeah. Now I heard you'd like to drink water and then I hear like out you know that they want to keep but the night before you gotta do I know it's too late now I've been chugging it now proceed to pieces of just plain white bread like before you go to bat it does help. Just before he got to the edge. So that showbiz back. What are your thumb recovery methods if you have some to offer the ladies we'd be very happy to hear it's on 7931167. Point. Taliban have targets of its okay listen let's. I stranger if let's turn it into a pound I now. Our here we go magic traffic response of our Mercedes-Benz certified pre owned vehicles visit the certified pre owned sales events going on now to may 31. To learn about their industry leading unlimited mileage warranty. Traffic see what's going I. All right at three south we have an accident now the shoulders blocked that's at route 125 in Wilmington you're back to 133. The expressway and looking at 35 minutes to make that track 93 south also slow park street down to this day come. 24 north by and you lose 1027 to 93 after an average three tight 110 to 1291. Southbound pockets your PB against human field. Tobin Bridge now back to reach sixty. Can we got a word for it the word for this hour his beef. If you text sent to seven to me you know that can be January 2000 dollars. And cents a it suited it very very grateful. It's OK dale we're dead and now. All commercial free music at magic 106.