Sue and Kendra are Supersticious

Friday, April 13th


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Still not buying it. It's is trying to convince you that every hotel does not have a thirteen for another cell but c'mon in a locked down I'm not gonna say every hotel but a lot the Empire State Building doesn't have the thirteenth floor because of superstition. Happy Friday the thirteenth by the American morning found a body of its here. Data center Kendrick morning magic. I guess there are some to achieve ticked up to Harlem and east you wish you knew that like bright under the gun like yeah. Think you would I which is based on you stay on whether the until the thirteenth floor no I would stay threat to thirteen for but I don't think I'd stay on the thirteenth floor just because. It's like the picture you just don't I don't know don't now yeah. I wouldn't just because you just don't don't you think you would have heard by now I now bad things were always happening in their own for hotels are not trying to be too dismissive of China and I'm generally not superstitious. Person but. Just because there's so much hype around the number thirteen I'd be a little freaked out yeah. Gender on the other hand counts are steps you slipped in the past it's odd number of times before she enters the room is that a superstition. I'm just weird with it with food I I don't know if it was my Greek grandmother but I have to eat things an odd numbers she always said you can't have. Like three minutes she should give me three of them in knowing if I took two she can you need one more in their. He's the odd one to kind of I don't know weed out the evil spirit or something weird it was always with food. Like I put eggs olives anything in my food I have to make sure is an odd numbered as she does is want to make her take tax and I put I just like. But the manner he asked you before Ford came out and she threw one away because she could have easily acknowledge is I talked. So the only thing I've ever heard we think should happen if you if I don't know. I don't know it's just I don't know what it is with food and and Greek people I don't know that I taught. I don't know I don't follow it also that it just it's staying at U summit as there is David you. But I'd like. I've got a hat I'll Wear when I go to the Red Sox games yes and installing it's my lucky hatter anything I think if you don't win every time I Wear but it is sort of something I'm comfortable with her from gonna watch. Playoff games or something at that chart that's my spot on the couch in the show yeah places they win you know. Yes and I'll. Yeah there's an element of superstition but then there are people who are way over the top who are super super like crazy about it like if you had a black cat you know crosses your path you can have bad luck he stepped on cracking view. There's also hope that tracking eye to eye when you were walking home from the bus. You analyst and a half now I jump over them. Have to be flat has to be a flat out a test and how do you explain to. It is going to be my what do you do I guess in therapy would actually doll she's gonna be saying and then my mother may be up already cracked inside flatten out and hit it. And now there's a therapist's couch you have to check O'Donnell about it. The positive question is an architecture isn't gonna go to the young man who's happy Friday the thirteenth imagine.