Sue and Kendra CAN EAT

Tuesday, June 12th


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Hey do you read differently and Freddie are co workers say it's Chris Su and candor or bringing you morning magic this morning thanks so much for having us on we bring it up. Because and I mean just really genuinely you guys and I just said to sue and Kendra I says you know. It's nice to work with the women who have a healthy attitude and my hand to god that wasn't some type of I just mean like. Usually. Most people that work will bring like a Joker. And that's what they'll help. Button yeah no where. No we aren't those women now now we. Kendra and I have hearty appetites and word like cool ER is who we are not gonna pretend that a granola bars in a sustained assault that now it's not snores or yogurt. We have to have sustenance we have to have salads and we just yeah I'm just gonna say yeah let's let's go out and a lot of the ballot in more of the fund's size Snickers well. That too well and the salads by the way are in the death Tupperware containers that you used to fill the half tray of lasagna that you have left for. I'd unlike a party like we don't put it like a tiny little container that it should be in pain and big giant. Family value sized container you know those things that people strapped to the top of their cars and they're going camping if that's like what they bring to Soledad and it's too. But now it's your your what your being fair that these terrorists but we've. But we bring it up because I think there are a lot of people like legitimately who. Like. Think twice about eating in front of their coworkers are like if there is if you are generating work right and there's heats up. You you get out you can always see people that night you callous seed in the rise this well I want usually means the right lets you get a slice of pizza because you're like pine. And he's just staring you can look at and it's just. Beats me I just open guy got that the three slices inside of civil and get a tip and this is what I love about you guys I just love your your. Your honesty would eat and I thought but I mean there are some people that just would rather just. Have the solution that I just eat salad and yogurt at work and and they go home and their batting helmet you that we about everywhere yeah where I now Kendra says we're fed IDC. Yeah yeah. We. You're you're properly sized wind in your your regular women but yet. You eat and I enjoy that about you are 617 by the way six or 79311067. Are you cannot comment on face when do you eat differently. When your work I mean I just love like this morning. I said sue what are you having you know what's your lunch bag. Prime rib moist Turkey sweet and salty ham and all the fixings antipasto apple pie honey crunch hand Collie flower grind day juicy fresh shrimp cocktail. UK keeps on lasagna and Alfredo with the roast prime rib dinner. And that's just the starters Jeff that's just my morning snack you know. Well we'd love to hear you if you like eat differently why their homework.