Sue Driving To College

Tuesday, August 21st


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This is a treat indeed Su is off today. She's driving down to parents Pennsylvania as it with with the girls moving one of them back to school the other one has come along because he did something really really bad. Come on Christian on the trip. That crank up the is that they are I think I did those. And who doesn't love family time who doesn't love time together all of you the confined space no mind. I it already. Being. Be out there. On got a big cart after cart went in on that and the fact that there. But I hope it was about something good. Out there at new year but the clock. And add. Eighty. But I got a haircut and you Lugar let me get back at. She's dragging his clothes off to school. And act. And that some who did you get and I who's in the gun with you now. I bet it all the killer out here. It. Yeah I I cannot outright or it merely. Say. And in the tiebreak and act. And your husband Tommy going down in a totally separate car with your other daughter how much stuff is she bringing down to school. Car. If Brett I think adding I don't even know how. It caught the ball back here at UB and it acts. And she. She shouldn't in the dorm Hershey gone into an apartment or elected PT no us. I think you'll like we. Can't we are at now. Noble when you're seniors like sec can't look after your first mean you're you're supposed to know that you just dial it back you don't have to bring everything like you bring freshman year so usually. After your soft green like Canada need as much a just trickle it down to like couple boxes and now that's that's laughable TI in a good. Matt and Katie are you kidding me they got out there don't. I got that very thing that out of rot. I'm now 28 if you didn't. Yeah. I. Want to. This is less about and being going to college they're your children soon they're it would yeah college. They've they yeah they are now mothers daughters they've learned from this extra that it's extract extract stick cut so. The whole idea of dropping her off and moving her back and crying at the door you're gonna slow the car down you're gonna open the door and push her out when you get there I've and sensor. I. Can elect at. A lot not I don't picket irritate you got a lot yeah. Are you and yet. And my favorite part of the story is that there's something bad reading in the back seat you can't get you that will dry you big man as if for the rest of the trip. Because it's going to be hidden in the bottom corner where you'll never be able to get it until you're walking out but it. It torture I'd been trying to figure out what they did. It either Oakmont and wrap our up here but it buy rating and making it really know. And it's no way you expect that he acts yeah RB IR eat it. My favorite part of the story is that that you had display your daughters or because they're fighting and what you should do you pull over somewhere and I don't know wilkes-barre or something and switch. So that you get Emma and time gets Katie or something like that. And to doing. What why where I just. Well let me guess it's like music or I'll have been trapped. I love you dear I'd love living vicariously through your family since I really do we got to. Apparently she really we got to go have to have a safe trip to you know Catherine de stop frequently and you know. Barbara and I don't. Well I thought it should be done and a passion and hope. That China have a safe trip down the PA and a safe trip back we'll talk to a couple of days. I I love you and.