Sue Drove The Wrong Studio

Friday, February 16th


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It's one reason time. A magic 106 points or four yards and one thing her wounds are serious how how do you get to 83 real Birmingham parkway. Since you have issue and I needed her this morning so it haven't we knew was gonna happen and systematically. Through futures drift. Like to relate to the party almost likes you to was this when this is so awesome I thought it would take. Sometime I didn't think it would happen within the first seven days but it's happened and it's spectacular I just. Rove to the wrong studio. What's an idiots and I am such an idiot I can't believe it like what so I come down through line I go around to that leverage can actor there and when I. We were out are all placed on Morrissey boulevard fly right through I would go right down onto the vacant breaking into the O'Neal time well now of course were in Brighton so I should chip I had to get off store track. We moved we can go to our beautiful new studios. So this morning I'm just sort of in his own embracing time news day time in this just my little quiet happy place and all of a sudden there I am. The Morrissey exit. And it. I didn't Dorchester a supposed to be in Brighton. That must've been so disconcerting. Talk about what we're we're we're we're very heart where we're supposed to be like you must've just been an out of body experience I freaked out I called Ken got like you're not believe this is yes what I got. I met Harold. No issues yeah I was staging an image as Joseph right on guys I think my heart aches. Insulate during the car you're driving to wherever tornado frankly was somewhere you go all the time. And you have no idea how you got there right you think about stuff and home of the kid. Or whatever. But that's got to be first we drove to the old necklace and I got almost all the way there and then I had to get off. Flip around the back through the title get OnStar drive. And set a little out of sorts because now I'm a little later than I normally linked to be when I get here so it's got a great story. Everything that's the thing I think he's after your excuse for everything today weather has anything do you view being nearly two working scuttle it. So I didn't take you back I don't know if you heard this many had to run filled.