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Wednesday, January 3rd


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626. Of magic's most experts are just look at the almost impossible Christmas morning have you seen it. I have no idea from you the quote I have. I have not seen me do it 6:50 every morning we ask them to a question we have a little bit of fun of the try to get tripped and some fun guesses and answers answered correctly and you win tickets to see you aboard this is great Garcia Niall Horan. And the flicker tour which is coming into the extra senators will do that at 650 this when it's about what we do what we can do to make yourself a little more calm. People who got us in New Year's resolution I need that kind of try to flee to off load the post dress and I knew about. Coming up 5650. Magic 106 point seven we're so glad you're with us this morning. Lauer has apparently come up for. Can't wait to hear about this has got details on that much more this plenty going on our morning shape for match is brought to buy Bridgewater state university. Take away some of them are right David will a new year and new baby. Last night fixer upper stars chipping Julianna gains had some big news to share with their family and friends as it turns out W fixing up another nursery. They're expecting baby number. I who has five K five chip wrote this finance degree and he wrote gains party of seven and you're still confused we are pregnant in capital letters. In the announcement Joanna debuted her baby company grace Pletcher chick had a little fun but it wearing his own matching. I T shirts the family news comes as a couple prepares to say goodbye to their HGTV show after it's been these applicants who want their little business at home these. They have a whole furniture line now and get out there they're doing just fine congratulations and she's just really not your traditional bride mega knuckle may be joining the royal family in a few months but that does that mean she isn't gonna break a few traditions on her big day she is hoping that her mother. Yoga teacher Doria rat Glenn Paul Walker down the aisle instead of her father Thomas Markel who sang that much more reclusive. I don't know if that's his idea or hers but she's gonna wet of course Prince Harry at Windsor Castle on May nineteenth which I'm gonna point out happens to be. You're anniversary as well go figure among the royals this well on her health take her yes. Should really go through with them that's okay. Codec cot be revealed that Matt Lauer was among those who privately congratulated her on her promotion to today show co anchor. She said he was sweet certain tax popped up and there was one from Matt. She said he said congratulations. And a few nice words shooting going to too much detail. Lot of flour has stayed out of the public guy who think since he was fired from NBC news back in November amid a sexual misconduct allegations. Many of her colleagues including Jenna Bush Hager Carson Daly Megyn Kelly Al Roker publicly congratulated her. I'm social media as well I know you look very political right now yeah he did it privately. Yes and she shared it on me where I wonder whether that is to say you have to try to rehabilitate his image at. I think. You wouldn't have to. Say anything about it I mean he did a privately but she it's almost like she wants to say there is a sweet side of him or something like that it was it was a little odd so I now what are you doing I now. I don't like how would I did I like her so much but I don't think that I. There anyway that's your morning state could.