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Tuesday, January 2nd


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7 Tony 7 morning magic it's that they didn't suit and tie for the morning shape with what may get Markel. You think can do anything she wants Clinton managed just but there's a list of things being compiled I think she will not be able to do. Who's gonna run them down for us just much more going on our morning shape for match when a six points on what's happening. Well big news from The Today Show David poetic cot be has been named a co anchor making her official debut just minutes ago. After an announcement by NBC news chairman and he laughed. Copy will join Savannah Guthrie at the anchor desk during the first 2 hours of the morning news program she's also gonna continue want to co host today's fourth hour. With Kathie Lee Gifford to she's going to be a busy. Busy lady let's go to Savannah and Al Roker. Yeah it's gonna be the first pair of women to ever co anchor today about how bad they're not the first all female morning show due out Diane Sawyer and Robin Robin Roberts co anchored together for a few years but on The Today Show they're making history as the first two email telling parents house which is it's officer and I love how would I think that she's so relatable and real I think it's it's gonna do really well with the tune out what's gonna happen to her with that kept feeling she's still do an assistant. Gash she's gonna do that too she's gonna be very busy Boston native Maria menu and just got married over the weekend after nineteen years together in my react. And her long time about Kevin under about tied the knot Sunday night they got married right in the middle at Times Square. I'm live TV by the way as part of fox New Year's Eve with Steve Harvey as a special ceremony gap with the locals they were very cult took the show look I Don. And fifteen things Megan Michael and not be able to do once she becomes Arroyo I won't go into our fifteen but I'm gonna tight senate this one I think would be very hard BO. She will no longer be able to take southeast. I know one of the national appeal I choose any social media filters in public. No posing with the pretty drinks. That's going on public totally alone she's I was gonna have security was terrible pictures ever food no no pictures and she can't give autographs. She can't show PDA she won't vote she won't Wear a see through outfits. Here's what I found most interesting Wear colorful or dark nail polish. Only sell them. It's a royal protocol that only nails bearing natural colors are allowed an official event since these are written down somewhere and these are actually official things. Also another when the surprising cross her legs while sitting. She she pastor or she cannot crush on its cannot it's so typical. Cannot listen what it interesting that the little side that's I needed that little ankles crossed like that at your ankles like because of one such behind. Mainland something book as you would probably have revealed because I meant when you cross well. Heidi yeah the spirit apple little bags the only cross at the ankles and didn't sound. Strikes you're out to the extra couple. A few hours. Ago. And your strange so every three had a little bit of a reprieve here for a week I've been on. Heard my resources I'm ready to go and turn up in 2018 I who posted this. I just had a dream where I saved bill hater from a shark attack and then he told me I'm an embarrassing drunk and was it Collin Chou asked. Seth Rogen are Seth Meyers said we're gonna tell you can't. No I would world.