Sue is Exhausted

Thursday, July 19th


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Going to be a great showing no we're just opening up the story here we're just opening up shop but it's going to be fantastic. It's almost like it's like your drunks you I'd have to stay as far as to. Suze in good morning and that of course experts have more educated soon Kendra. I don't think I've ever seen this fatigued this tired so cute enough for 24 hour so tired my kids. Have a lot of friends visiting from other parts of and yesterday Emma had a friend fly in and her flight got delayed and then it could delayed again and then it got canceled and then chipped book another flight and then she was on standby so we were hurt. Basically at Logan all Delon and then of course their kids and they have all the energy in the world so we get home. And I don't think so now go to dinner let's go let's go shower around me now let's do this and I was like OK I'm you know I'm trying to be charming because this. Girl had has never met our family seems to be on low. And I until I only got I have to be German but I'm pretty sure in. I was so tired. Yeah and I been up since 330 and so there was and then last senator to bed around eleven you send your voice yes yeah I'm my. My face in my eyes like I wanna close my eyes for because I know that that feeling of complete exhaust him completely and not even sleep feel like free T yeah like I feel like. I partied all night and yet I didn't I would just the facts I double benefit that. Well it's a good. I'm exhausted you're supposed to do her Francis academy at 1030 didn't getting into the 330s. And then they hire the traffic we hit on the way home alone. I'm in traffic yet it is like an hour and forty minutes ago all. You know what's great is that when you get home later today after the show will be on the your 2:10 morning until 111130. Noon something that. Those kids are going to be sleeping good sleep and I know all stable through all of yes they were asleep until noon and I'll get home now have put in another full day's work and now being up and they'll be ready to go again. Can I borrow your car and we knew this yes I think you can exclusive contract. And additions and coffee or something he has got a little bit a charming difference for this one I'm trying at all and how much help but be child Muster and it really has.