Sue Got Stuck in the Car Wash

Monday, February 26th


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Decides that a second this is this is kind of serious and and so is okay by you you think of people you know they call 911. That's who had did you know who's who's been inches away from calling on mom and over the weekend we'll fall down the stairs. Was it a kitchen accident did you fall in the tub. You're okay thank god I have stuck in the car wash what it. My favorite story of all time I'll fall time. So here and don't leave out. Anything I am so embarrassed is if you happen to me because I'm the only person on the planet that I can even imagine this happening to so. I went to the car wash that you driving and and it's. It was the one that the door opens automatically you drive in it tells you when to stop and then the door closes behind you so you're literally closed in on either ran in Chicago stadium Curtis day in the car in the machines just work around your vehicle like you're sitting. As pat and I just said yes who hasn't as a pretty new car but like I used during the season and she. And loves his car more than life itself out of office figures into the story. But I'm so excited like you're gonna get your beautiful new car is green on any boundaries I now. And this is what I thought I was gonna do 'cause I was driving down to see my daughter Mike I can drive up in my shiny car while I'm Linda RI. So impressed yes should be soundtracks like some notice really. And I dragging an album citing an unnamed not exaggerating at all. The machine stops and get stock and nothing happens for like five minutes and I can't. Get out because. The machines in front of the vehicles so there's no getting out I drive I can't drive out now and I go to back out if I can't back Saudi journalists closed now other machine get stuck on the soap cycle. And it just goes around and around and it puts 56 coats of so. On my car so now. I would be sweating and panting I started to panic and I didn't know what to do and I was like what do I do so that I started trying to move my car back and forth to kind of reset the machine. And now more so. And more soap and more so now I can't snap the windows wipers are going your thinking you'd have to open the door well it. It was a touch lists once there's not even an angle to get to soak off my car. And so now I go what do I do I guess I'll call nine mum and this and I was like how embarrassed it's like the guy in the corn maze who that actually put. What should we I'm stuck in the heart washing up. Oh might not it's a contest to come and try to garage doors opening it now how barest amount to. And where's that where's the million dollar an hour yeah who is supposed to be a lot of native is nobody there nobody is there you picture cart being you just press the kind of car wash you want and you drive and there is no one there hopefully there was security cameras to capture all decided it was hard July and finally I finally drove to the point where I had to connect. Drive and hit the bar in the front and it reset and it finally let me out with myself peacock. Olds who didn't do a clean. And it could. Go astray and I might still be car in the soaps flying everywhere it was. Whole area. From my Callaway just safe and sound good to a full inspection of your car and a couple minutes of its magic won a six point seven.