Sue Having a Beach Day

Monday, May 21st


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Don't fall outside this is also one of those disc into your session that is this this this is a five day week at the Memorial Day is this weekend a nice weekend coming up to half staff did not surprise you everything's happening fashion idol I don't know where I am so beautiful until it's gonna be close to eighty in the sun a little bit later on today and a suit announced very early that whatever happens here on the show. Go to beach later on. I am because I live near the beach so I can get so like Plum Island in five minutes and I'm gonna go by myself yup I'm gonna go by myself just to chair. Little something to eat. Fascinating I don't look a whole day out at the beach you're not gonna go for like a mental help turn our two. You check out for an hour before I go I stop I get People Magazine I get the us weekly be in touch is good stuff in my. And I'll read a pilot earbuds in listen to music and just to onion is an hour and then it'll just it changes your life will go with anybody else or not there's one really wanna talk anymore I'm just. Euro among my own space and that way it's like you're sort of just off the grid for an hour nobody can reach you know became bout you you're just. I admire that I am doing the right there. Now you can't sit still long enough you would never sit still for a whole hour would you. Now now beyond. You quitting you'd be walking up and down the B you know let's Wachovia. And popsicle c'mon I spent entirely happy but I don't think I would want to go to the beach if you call it let's walk up to the jedi. Let's go here let's go. What I go in the water means you are right to sit on a lake that's not tell that to me alone shall our. Relationship goals we can work on defense that I you know look at the beach looked at it. As somebody who went on at the beach I'm always looking for something else going on. If you bring your phone to the beach or I brought believer not a brought an iPad to the beach like to read to try to read a book or something and I just can't like there's our son the glare on and on. It's almost like you can't bring it it's a lack. Work leaving only limited time and the only reason I bring my phone is Tenet listen to music. But I tried not to look at anything else he's just I hear Ding ending coming in ops entering Iraq from like now this is. You can get aren't that good service sometimes beats either systematic an extra silent Bob's put on viral marketing here anyways and I I mean I get service so. Ella would you be bringing a bringing in new beverage is stupid she. Half that lets you smack would you ring percent. What I Leavitt the beaches grapes really cold grapes and cheese for my favorite grapes and I cheddar cheese and red grapes. There's nothing like it back to the beverages for. We welcome you bring it to you won't bring you can't be directed to date beach. Your heart out not like new opera be it ray knew it and yeah after my surgery can mean and I'm probably in trouble so maybe not. Sure you're date of the future it's it's going to be that have a little mini vacation and you guys will be getting photos you know that I'll tonne to conduct tax GD tanks obviously I have done or he could guest tonight has announced totally fine good stuff from look at. Thank you soon.