Sue Headed To Fenway

Friday, August 17th


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I'm very excited for suit was gonna were first baseball game of the season. On Sunday Sunday it's going to be a nice day to Sunday afternoon it's gonna be nice mid seventies partly sunny like beautiful. Baseball wet I didn't get after such. He knows who's going to a baseball game on Sunday because and we sit next to each other in the studio for my children can see Susan who are doing and then food and drink around fell far up. It out all morning long you've been like planning. The culinary experience as much as the baseball experience. Yes because I only go to usually like one game a summer and so it's a pretty big outing from case my whole family's going in it's very exciting and there's new menu options this year. Don not plan available next year. Physical lobster routine. Like meatball pizza. You're not gonna eat lobster at a baseball game you could eat a hot time in like a pretzel oh now I'm planning my eating now I'm already there is a lobster. I just so excited not I have the web site up he did he knows what you Google it and yeah is less less interesting than even the drinking which is could brag a variety quote about. Ten minutes ago yet I was like tell him behind bars open and Fenway Park. All it's a valid question. I mean it is a 1 o'clock games so so I was nervous that maybe they couldn't sell alcohol before noon. But I'm not selves and I don't know anybody else hearing signs of trouble here. I knew I lick your face and I knew she click that mouse I was like. Little son of a gun is looking for governor wasn't quite as I'm not driving we're not driving them are gonna take the train there was this is not an adventure. Yeah just because you can. I guess I will. He then went on to stop here at the ballpark where you this is breathing you're ready to their hit it hard. Yeah I'm pretty gaming and then when you go in you have to know what you're getting yeah I wanna know so I can play and what you know what and when I'm Benny eat. Everything from under the glass house that that's just that you Google and meet up and meatball pizza I mean that's. Now I am what I that Google was best food and and and what came up was a website that tells you all the cool things it's called the meet Bob Kohn there's an actual like. Drew a huge. There's a he was fired pizza well I mean I know would play pizza there's Cuban sandwich is there's lobster rolls there's something called the lobster preteen stack. So you gonna do actually and she can't he drink or argue stick to like simple beer and wine. Will let me tell you Kendra from fifth fourth game I'll get a fancy drinks if IMAP like a bar somewhere a guy like icons mount. A cattle one cosmos series and neck yeah and it went in at the park beer a contact slightly new look brutal and on something which you are. It's it. On the floor right through a lot. I would I wanna see video Obama do the deal when they do the sweet Caroline you know obviously I. I chain gang. I know I am going to be videotaped myself singing now but I also want people to call a pretty no lake something really yummy that I should get at Fenway Colin tell us six and 79311067. What should I. I'm fun news we've got to go to game has started fifteen minutes ago we're gonna very away from the table talk about the yeah against the gay if.