Sue Irons Her Shirt With WHAT

Thursday, February 15th


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You're sweaters. It's a little wrinkles it's not a lot wrinkles that we need to backtrack have been on me all morning about this I actually I hear this this morning and he's sort and you didn't iron at this is the this is the best story ever because it's so funny what people just sort of mutter under their breath and what what you learned about someone. So I Kendrick to you know gain her 5 in the morning so we'd we'd be very very early and sometimes the adjustments in the preparation that you need to make. In the middle of the night when you're leaving you would surprise people I think. Yes well it's hard to pull out an ironing board at 4 AM plug in the iron and start ironing a way he's. All people in the house or sleeping my ironing board is like makes this you know loud loud noise and I tennis Canada so. I improvise a little bit IE I don't actually take up the ironing board in the iron. I use my curling iron two iron and a sweater. And I must say. I just wanna paint a picture here as you can a man Soo Soo who's always extremely well put together you look lovely but it hurts you're wearing disintegrate V neck sweater. And as soon as she said that you ironed it with your curling iron I I had to come over to the outside. I canceled get a little damaged a list that we're faced a client answer anybody's in front of the computer. I will show you know what I mean so I pulled out the sweater from my ace comics and that I don't actually burn my skin and I turned my. Curling iron on really high end my curling irons only like an inch. Long but I just kind of I just kind of roll it over and for the role I. I don't is curling and so for the guys or anybody does he's Carnoy and that's the thing that I see there's about sixteen of them and exam on his back and in my it has arrived at Little Rock you plug and it heats up and it's always balanced delicately on the same side. Burn somebody and that's the thing that you took almost like a light Saber to kind of. Correct and opened and I just I just roll it over my sweater my shirt bipolar away from my skin. And and a pinch. It does the job. Well you say it does and as you said well I know it's it's been immune better than I've been made it's probably better than one of those. And I'm sure we're gonna put this video on FaceBook I'm sure what's gonna happen if things. People are gonna line of saying. John it. Do it all the time in a pinch it works I'm sure you're gonna have more people than ten what are you doing more people are gonna go yeah yeah I don't know I mean it's more it's more because of my schedule it's a product of my schedule at 3 in the morning when we get up to me. It's just an awkward time to be pulling out the irons are so you just do have to do it it's dark in my house and I just so I mean the bathroom light done. I've got hot curling right there I of them being weird you why what you gotta do dual purpose my hair. Iron all the same time I can do it in almost one swipe. I get it I've been allow cancer have been there about. I've certainly showed up to work with two different shocks on into the shoes on a Nobel to the wrong color do you know whatever they like interest at 4 o'clock in the morning I get it.