Sue & Kendra Taking On The 3 Pound Fuddruckers Burger Challenge

Wednesday, February 21st


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That little snack room this time of the day in Southern Sudan. Soon Kendra however are not you guys just are fasting to understand well big day coming up we're getting ready for 83 pound burger challenge fund trackers is coming in later today and duck hundred athletes should actually this I don't know how she's sorry convinced me this but she convinced me that it would be a good idea for me to be a part of this contest three Q3 com burger and a pound of Fries in an hour. Three patents are just the state there are three pound version you collect a quarter pounder who. That's like twelve quarter pounders or like quarter pounder returns for his. Pound terms threes since twelve quarter pounders not want to see this half why would you do such as I. I mean we we are doing at all for charity it's the you don't look out there but Packers is doing it's really cool they're doing it at their reading north and oversight isn't. There and locations like a big thing happening next Tuesday to three burger encumbered challenge and but they're donating eight dollars of every entry goes to the Marin Richard foundation that's pretty cool. But we're gonna go and see how fast and I can eat one together we're eating together so it's not reveal any. National or pentagon and a half feet well still can't actually say oh say it now wag their huge and the winner of this actual you can sign up and go to my five stock comic actually sign up the winner gets a gift certificate to go to eat now there is cool for an actual person who wins it but for us it's gonna be it's going to be messy announcement at that point I mean faster did you used to on breakfast it. I haven't eaten bread or cheese in three years and an. And what about condiments you loaded up with group I mean I'm his daddy had Jack do you agree yeah I checked for sure I do catch it on the top mustard on the bottom of it. Makes that you get a oath. Should you don't ketchup and mustard and I'm gonna be problems and I know that around half my delicious earth is on the line. And we've videotaping and we're gonna be vehicles Corso going to be. Lordi feelings yeah we're also throw down with the Fries you're saying I gotta have some Fries in the sun. You gotta do Fries and additional common I don't know but I just say you're either way bigger than your stomach you're crazy you have no idea how big this. Is a monster preferred I don't -- cash classic I hope I I have some Fries with it till may be at chocolate milk check and we do this when I get a letter to it's yeah. Iraq on some sort of a mine and auction 1050. We're gonna have the video opened as yeah consistently good stuff. In my village on the stand over the little bit on not having the you guys Basilan.