Sue Is Locked Out

Thursday, March 8th


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Are you know way of conveying what has transpired in the last six minutes. Here off the air. Good morning educated soon Keddric where it started right and some one degree or another maybe you're going to work made your home from work and working from home staying home with the kids there's a lot of districts canceled school today yeah. Can I go first you can go first I think both have stories I'm bursting at the seams are now in doubt it IE my eye. You weaken into work we get to work you took three of us we just get here because we're on the radio and that's what sort of you have to do if we have to will stay in a motel nearby hotel Jack thank you which we didn't but anyway I think we are shoveled out we left early we got here and so I shoveled out and I cleaned up my wife's got my wife happens to work for a school district. And I was watching the TV to see if it's not teacher but she works in the administration. I was watching the TV to see if they canceled. Where she works and they hadn't had him but he did finally access says it's thirty rack. So I century text saying that schools canceled. You know the go on right now so that was it I forgot about them we're doing the show dementia and then about four minutes ago I got a text from who I expect a and I just. What that word and no cars. WT IFF. Home. So I like cats or is that you get you actually get a snow day you don't have to go to work didn't even have to get out you're in jail. So right after everything every holiday into my god she's trying to SL man at the big girl clothes on global all the way it was probably a crappy drive because there there's nobody there she needs to get something that they got to give her day off or something and why have any better because as you know this morning I totally forgot we talked about like what you forget is elect. Electrically powered might know about electricity. My garage doors Mike carries in. The garage and the doors so I go to it you know I just got the house and our gotten ready by candlelight. I watch that I hit the garage door button for nothing happens and I did again you do it. I was like let's go and I had no it just didn't connect it of course it was 3 o'clock in the morning so then I go and I get my has been out of bed she's hack he's like he's like. And like I can't get to do he has to manually lift the door and then Emanuel is connected to world news yet for any meaning in heavy heavy toward nanny Alyssa I backed out and he closes at bat I now realize. I don't have a key to my house I never use Akita get into my house I don't have when we are being I think I used to door opener I drive into the garage like with his mother so. I can only go home and I can't get back into my own house. Think this is it true story I am not kidding you combine them. Well no it isn't because my neighbor just texted me my friend Teresa saying power's out so there's no power and I I don't know if I connect the garage door to get back can't enthusiasm of the city wanna come hang out means three crazy kids. Going to be at. I'll stick it. Pringles agendas Jack come on our you can kind of edgy humor removed Huntsman worked with the home from work by them everything maybe that the court thanking.