Sue Mistakenly Sprayed Her Hair with WHAT?!

Tuesday, September 11th


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We are days where we're feeling like their hair is just looking great. Until he's your little worried and anxious about it all day long. I'm not sure what kinda day you can have to I think it's going to be the latter rather than that that that the reform couldn't move and what is she shot swing my hair and a pony tails can never say don't do area and it. So good it looks so good it might click and a pony till we're at like that every day. Well I do it out a necessity I never do it because you know it's just a fashion choice it's because this morning at 3:30 AM this is come I'm not even exaggerating a million you have all your staff pat on the vanity in him getting ready in the bathroom. And I have. Motion a lavender lotion that to pump and then I have micro cream next to it that's a pop. While at 330 I just pump a bunch of stuff into my hand put it into my hair my dry hair. And it was my. Hand cream which is like you might luckily pancakes or person yeah around I was putting big huge two handfuls globs of lavender. Hand cream all over my hair perfectly that god I have and I realized it but like to know it was like in slow motion as I was like. It was a I couldn't stop credit. And that's what you wouldn't jump back in the shower and try to get it out and Powell I shower at ninety so my hair is dry when I put my product into the museum look he's grooming story that we'll do and I what do you do here it doesn't look oily greasy thinking like it looks. Oh really are that because of the lotion you know used to put you on that it was feels weird you can put lotion in your hair after it's dry even guys Chile to take away for his or fuzz. If you dry your hair with a blow dryer I take a little bit lotion and I Blake rob. All the good penis out of like it in my hands and insists clench my hair a little bit with lotion and it takes away. The phrase Ehrlich the funds so you do it on purpose to us. See I did not know that he's got into and out so maybe my hair looks super smooth and nice day it you have while lotion as you know. Pomp but you don't show so didn't hear it yeah totally lost me on the froze all other. But I have. I have I have taken shampoo and put it on my face thinking it was my face wash in the shower and that was not fun XP and yes. The worst average it is ripe affirm my brother's wedding I took tanning spray I thought it was hairspray and I am in a hotel room and I'm like I'm just gonna give myself one more little spritz of hairspray. And it was handing spray you and I sprayed all over my head. An underground we ring around my a nice enough as at a wet and relief to go to your brother and my kid's words and like kids read that. Where the flower girls so I could be an hour and your hair and hazardous just lock at the door walked out the door on clay now has almost crying he does turn around and walk out we are such creatures of habit or run. Wow you just go I'm gonna punch something putted in my area. Happens.