Sue Overdoes It On Easter Gifts

Monday, March 19th


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I'm laughing because Easter is a week from Sunday to dad and I just found out that. My beloved cohosts you'd have. Supplements. And what the Easter Bunny brings to your house is just not quite enough yeah. I'm feeling has changed now because I was taught you guys you both looked at me like I had twenty heads but the Easter Bunny brings a basket of candy course. And then IE. Do my own baskets for them that has a few little things and it got a problem. So it when I was kid. A comfortable old school on here violent and and they had mentioned before. One of nine kids so yeah nine Easter baskets out I'll apply his basket. Handful that Easter basket grass yet I. That's an Easter basket would bring and little chocolates. May be thing jelly beans and hand that was at the same little round eggs and and maybe you need be a pop or something like that and dad you know lollipops something like that that was it. And that's sort of where it. We're starting with my kids in terms of Easter candy yeah sure that's closer with the Easter Bunny brings to your. He had the Easter Bunny brings candy like that's what the Easter Bunny does some look chocolate eggs you know the egg hunt we can all pass. I change but then I don't know why I feel the need to supplement in the way that I do but I usually get. My girls like a couple little gift cards solid and our dollars to start by accident that and then I also will do like flip flops maybe a little beach cover up because. The nice weather is coming in. Easter is like screaming. Why I do this and then what I did that money well then once I did that. Then there's no going back to its right then you've raised the bar and now every year they're like well. What am I gonna get for Easter what keeps my Guinea and now they ask you for stuff they make requests like birthday of the holidays and they go hand like in some ways they do well. That's that's incredible is now that she's had a car. Right now is just say me I mean this is right after we got back from the trip just to large yeah. Check every venue change from the low that it didn't. Yeah unbelievable. I didn't know what I mean. Ends what do you into for an Easter basket and then when you help out what over and above what the Easter Bunny brings what do you do it is that fifty bucks maybe 75. I'll leave about her. These girls when they went that we're going to be and yeah. I know I'm ashamed by it as I'm saying out loud I realize that I've done some damage there like that's not an expectation that I should have sat right that it is sad what might do yeah I don't know if you've raised the bar cameras on back I know there's no going back to. Imagine their faces the first Easter morning the condenser and get them. One little basket that the Easter Bunny black but which by the way it's lovely yeah but doesn't get your hands your peak death now go back.