Sue Refuses to Move Her Garden

Thursday, May 24th


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Those who who who can. Yeah. Good wrestler known not you very well actually I was hand whistle but not very well try not to let my out. I know I can't see that sort of sucked into direct Buick did. That don't agree then I don't read out. We are now I think it's awesome and I found something that's who's not consistency. Of it we knew this day would come. Finally arrived as a day targets on the sub par with scientific and is whistling. You know every and every marriage relationship whenever there's there's give. And there's tape right you get a little something you give a little something you win you gotta you gotta give away via not as soon as house found no way her away doing that here anyway. Andy did exactly that my. And highway listen yeah it. Just about as soon as soon. SEC got her husband to do anything to stops and he's a great guy you don't get a did you know he's he's no pushover I'm gonna say that he's not. The suit suit does is my take on you keep me honest she really wanted to patio. Big idea I think the answer it patio in the backyard. So she gets summed. A couple of different quotes you can spend 40000 dollars I'm not and our board and I don't have found imported to pile snow and Ariza didn't think she has. Her. Loud guy still weak but the three steps like all the guys on the rock don't just plow sweep the stuff. Get it done by 3 in the morning I orbit car. Places to scout says he's got this but she she's gonna have a patio put him in the back yard out but they you would you regard. Vegetable garden I have a tiny little garden I dug up a little area of the grass I have the little box that raised that there and I have a garden it's gonna be now where the patio set to be it's gonna be just a few feet away so my husband has more. Yeah resemble going to be sort of on site league is now we have the new patio we don't want you looking at the garden. But it's the best place in terms of sun. For my clients so I don't wanna move it let him moves towards. Let him move it seems like now. Movement guard. And I and I think you. You've just got him to agree to a you know 70000 dollars patio of I seventy and this and now it's like our network the garden stay right where it is or else you got any other questions last week I. I find that like kitchen just let him look at the garden I was going to move the garden but now there's some issues because we can't find somebody moved to garden in time for or at the paddy to be put in so. Now I'm like you know what for us to try to move the garden is gonna take two weekends by this time we dig up the thing is lose somebody to move it. And nobody like you would bail you can get somebody pay them. You can pay 90000 dollars for the she did or did you got Alice. Jeff. Move regard I think it's funny reading listening knows how to move a garden and lives on the north char I'm I'm hoping I'll catch how and why are you why why even have good deals. About it that you think I need to do this because he's conceding that the paddy yeah I deal I do I do think I think you need that. Guess what have you yeah 'cause attack to get enough some what do you care you can be on the patio. You're gonna be and you're you're on the hospital of Philadelphia right. That's what I see that's not moving you exit could understand what are you prepared to do it. Him for agreeing to this that to the pad nine not my love an undying and that's enough adoration I guess that's good. All of.