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Tuesday, January 16th


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Candidate yeah. Should you weren't gonna do it and you did it again. And I bet that that's a Christmas bills has had an all even communion for you have that. No you're gonna that you're gonna cut down on the spending you and stop put him to put the brakes on. All the unnecessary. Non discretionary income spending. I know but then my friend texted me and said Sam's Club is closing this 25% off everything in the store are hungry. You know everything is running out and I just bought into the whole frenzy of at all and I when it's. And the middle of something when your friend called and you view year to date planned on Friday or Saturday whenever this happened Hewitt stuff going on outside your friend calls says hey. They haven't big sale at Sam's Club in his going out of business sale. Let's go and you drop everything on your way there in a matter of moments will even worse I got up early are Sam's Club doesn't open until ten. I got there at 930 to stand out in. One degree whether it was one degrade you were in line Indian alignment like 500 people out in the freezing cold the story hasn't opened yet. So that I could get into dry I don't know what to you know I'd there was now one thing that I needed I didn't have a list who made there was anything I needed and by the way before we even when it people don't. Up and down gone head there's no you know paper towel there's no talk look at it is no bottled water all the stuff that you draw stuff that you think you dialing its stock up on. Was out somebody's got straight you've got one of those things like farm. Carts that you dragged through thick of flash and dig out flat bed thing and tell him what did you what did you guess what what. You got a gross of something a Pallet of sultan right well I and I knew I was doing this and I couldn't shake it like I was in this frenzy I was flying through the store thinking oh my god I'm gonna have to grab this sector got back. I bought the most ridiculous assortment of things you could ever imagine in my car I am not even Kenya it was like a huge box of frozen Pete says next to. A jacket a pair of athletic pants but I thought. I'm not kidding I got wind appear. I don't Tupperware pops in pay and I got to fight people for it I mean was it was Filene's Basement on dress day I don't think repeat were like hey gimme that. Kind of it depended on what it rise to yap people are. It was like. Survival of the fittest you had to grab you to run through the aisles and then everybody is trying to get to the check out because if you waited and got to the check out. Even a little after ten like it opened at ten I was in the check up I 101510. When he rise by 11 o'clock. It checked out was to our way out of into the back to the store to get out of it gets out of the store. So I only waited in line like ten minutes because I literally. Was flying to the store is just indiscriminately throwing things into my car like a madman board about this I know our good friend and you bring it home he got nowhere to put all the stuff was echoed the garage basically has been to the web. What are we doing with all this my husband looked to me in goes I'd. Like a big box of two war organizers what the FMI I don't know I thought we needed it. It's up against you this is this is how begins a what you flash forward to years and that show quarters which is still a long. People doing cable channels it's going to be sent home from school. Do very important and I just want helped harmonies it's crazy to recruit from congress.