Sue Stayed in a Hotel and Used Every Amenity

Thursday, February 22nd


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I don't want to do think. It went unnoticed sued tab that you are having a bad day at bad hair day today. Actually I didn't I would let me clarify I don't think you haven't been handed it but I did notice you've mentioned that. And I know exactly why it's happening. Say security care to hear me out on the debt magic are six and February Stephenson country's future can follow on Amazon. You who stayed in a hotel last night he did and sue and her husband just parenthetically website show me state in the city. Yeah had to use hotels Champloo rent exactly how. I forgot my comes claiming about the hotel ocean and we didn't have your standard hair care. I had to pack you know quickly and I didn't have time to you know to put on my little hair products and so and I am a lot of them. So I had to just use whatever they had and my hair today is like strive really sick curly hair for people who've never seen but I look like the end. It's not easily manageable and I need a lot of product and and I had done and it ties just left for shampoo and it is like Stew rock. Personal. First world problems I know but you know why. I think to the YouTube of a new house that really does know just really really well put together and I make everything. Do you agree yeah I think she I think your hair looks fine it looks beautiful to me you've got that beautifully currently thick. But credit Auburn had a I want all of my numbers there for a few minutes I now I know I. I know I know it's a personal problem but it's one of those things that throws neon like. It throws off my hold it we're just talking about what constitutes a bad day if you feel like kick it you're having a bad hair day it just puts you in this mood like outlook led. So now my hair has translated to I don't like my outfits. I'm not drinking their coffee I usually get in the morning and it just. Know I have to say and know what you mean about the hotel San Lucas when I drag my hair dries faster. I actually like it because my hair so Fuzzy and thick it's just like this big. Huge staying all the time so I know what you mean about the hotel gym doing it comes down. But the night that is supposed to I mean you had a night out is Christmas special light and watcher was you know. She had dinner out somewhere you saw a show you saw him waitress who generally is there and yes he stayed infinity until supposed to be a good thing isn't it ends at the end. Just this morning yesterday when I was in the hotel was awesome I was like Macaulay Culkin in now home alone until Monday he's in alone in New York City he won't likely to the cartel I have to war yet but in the middle of the day yes and I was there like 230 in the afternoon now is like. Running around and I'm gonna order room service amnesty hot shower and how Kennedy's passion Mayfair and kind of put the robot not a testified he drove on in laughter around the room and two time did you check into hotel room yesterday afternoon 23230. -- -- -- the world is going outside your window you're running around the prison for zero and I was like a child who had never been in a hotel room alone and I was trying to use every amenity and get all my money's. What and I love and hope you took some of those shampoos in the moisturizer. Some of that stuff you bag we check. Pair looks fine thank you BO carry be innocent child can think it's O Bruno Mars take to really get those within the half hour almost impossible questions coming up.