Sue Tipping Her Snow Plow Driver

Wednesday, March 21st


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You know they name the storm. All right it's called Toby I only did the storm and get this is our fourth nor'easter. I. Remember the family now yeah and it's a little later than the first forecasters going to be this morning using these mid day asking me this afternoon. That's gonna success since Davidson Kendrick and we're also here talking you know during main entrance on about how we're gonna deal with the storm today. And oh well we're gonna get less snow than we thought the distributed to cobble shovel bullet go do something whether Britain and three of us have very different ways of approaching clearing that driveway which of these very interesting. And we found out a new details. It's not only the driveway. The three stairs clearing trees stay there so it was okay it was going to be that you're gonna be outside shovel and I'll be out with the dollar shoveled out in my out my driveway Simon. This is a shovel it's to CNN and many winters and that the connection to the shovel to the handle is like loose and weakening I have it every time happily threat delights tighten it up. And I turned the shovel and an atomic scooper thing as snow it gets looser and looser and like your lines right. Right a chuckle. I don't I just make sure you have some of the senate has been gets in front of and police officer I am right in the driveway get it nice and clear for him to get home to our economy. Functional and I'll be out there with a monster snowblower. That I got. Which I'd love. You just you know you get out there you get in the zone you're going up and back out back and I've been to actually that's my love life and I'll be inside with my feet up on my Ottoman drinking some hot cocoa and I don't know it. The cynics who calls the guy which all the way it is anything inherently wrong with them but. Which totaled get out there and what you think you picture. Way I don't have a child's play. But we have a plow guy because I know I used to shovel in them like with the thing New England it's a lot of shovel playing. And so I say you know what I work hard I'm gonna just yeah accidents I am getting get a guy. I feel bad this guy I mean I just drama last went to this report I mean I just I yeah yeah exactly do I get a but I Mike could you please have the driveway cleared by 3 AM when I have to back out which is great but the new piece we found at the new information is is the outsell. So the guy doesn't just plow your driveway and don't don't you should own it don't matter is this he says about the issues and compete with the militants. But I. But. I upgraded this year and decided to get the deluxe package where they Natalie plow my driveway but they shovel my walk quite in my steps here. Because now I know it's. You take your foot in June this side swipe with your boot and then it got it yourself a couple hundred dollars I don't know I'm embarrassed because I do have three you should really narrows up to my door and I did not finish double like they common. Bush you can just hear them shortly UTU do you rise from your wing back chair while you were a bit of white fluffy robe you set and a couple cocoa down due to hardship curtain. Oh. It's gentle gentle on the steps and. Just just a little more please if you don't mind you give them a little nice thinking that I should probably offer them at least like a hot couple cost. I hate to be a meal breakfast and lunch the next leap day. You should offer them some time I I offered copies sometimes go to the middle of the night and I'm sleeping when this show unlike. I ask each of these guys finally took amount. You hesitated. You don't have to do you cowboy all the online they're so in an envelope taped to the mailbox call and say hey there's a little so masterfully mailbox thanks for doing such a great job. This news to do you. Like shoveling three stairs for you at this is. Textured did an ad for it I. Terrible how this is what we got to put unfair and just just you know go to the face but he let us now is that should soon be tipping you know five buck ten bucks little extra something from guys. We're getting out of the truck to brush off the card sweep up the steps that might.