Sue Wants A Dog But Shes Allergic

Wednesday, February 21st


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I decided you elect a little kid who once. Can you pick what you wanted to as a kid I wanted to mini bike I was sure I was gonna have a mini bike when I was about seven years only needed like a mini but a little motorcycle thing did you ever and it hello. But if I ever did get one I would got I would really like crazy fully three days and left in the yard. And that's what you that's what you are we you get some new thing that so now it's dogs who wants to get a dog. I wanna get it died. And my husband is not on board minutes say and act like. Really on on Boras and I usually can get my away with my husband usually he just trying to you know eventually. He just cave you writing this you got your name and you get your husband now you know. Wily charms and can't get my way but this one he's not budging. And part of it I get it 'cause I'm allergic to some war. And still list. Tied for second largest Saddam why we're going to happen that you decided you wanted to do you see when in the mall or did you view her. Yeah have gone on and had one like the whole time the kids have been growing up they've been asking one for one for years. On my neighbors have you see him walking on the street all the time I know there are a lot of work I know there are a lot of meat into that they're so cute. And they give you unconditional love and I just now walk on the emergence of some. But I just I I still want and yes I have a question what are you allergic. Too good today hair at the far right well. Please tell I'm allergic to our AM this alive. So the problem when it even I get the hi Alec Jack he's impossible knowing if I had my allergies to it done by analogy is not an end yes you community to the salon so. Even if I get a High Court Allard Janet jog. I can when they lick me sometimes I break out and hides. But if I wash I can't really consider dog and if you don't honestly I really I don't wanna Portuguese water dot com. I've really got a lot of grooming and I don't care I'll do it. I never heard of someone who has special snowflake you do in the fridge and are allergic to die specialize milk with a dog and entered the special metals. I ain't never heard of being alleged again I think our job. Is it is too good to be with you force for two maybe three days tops while you have this thing that you want done and then you're gonna move on to something else that's not sure I think I think we definitely we hang with you for a couple of may to the weekend. And then you know of young you have moved on I would. No one knows how to I convinced my husband well let CNN dot money dot sit my dog she's a Boston Terrier she's small she's only had when he pounds she is hair not far. Short hair you know no grooming she doesn't she not really a liquor so I think you'll be okay all right and. I'll take something else about darts. I have two girls who have gone away to school yup. To my youngest in my and Harrison darted out and since we have no more kids at home and then. And you also. Have girls who are gone away to school you could be suffering from the the thing with the kids are gone you're replacing them with a dog or some like that. To which I say don't do it you don't wanna get a guy. Yes we have our free somebody talking about we can go where ever we want her as long as we want to why you now gonna stab yourself down with the dog but. There's so huge it's just I'd. Really want a very admin of companion pad dead dogs at my god that's the first step that's dogs. Small dog to you put those pocketbook right out of your first and that's I think that's gonna turn the tide I think you have a dog I think the reality of having a dog for a couple of days you're gonna go while. That was close I caught a break and don't win I want it done. We'll say I think now crystal ball time and apparently unfazed but should sue get a dog from what you've heard. Allergic to dogs allergic to the hair and allergic to the slide over to the is more important. And get a dog in what do you think yeah. Not a psychic and not press him back I think I see where this is gonna now this could probably if it's actually gone my way filers for free music is an accident when a six points and of course you do thirty seconds.