Sue Wants The New iPhone

Tuesday, February 27th


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You can actually alive please because well there are so many reasons but I loved it you. Now sitting here this morning right this instant how. After I have absolutely have to have won't rest until you acquire. Something you didn't even know existed 1520 minutes ago yeah. Apple's coming out the new iPhone now remember right just got that the ax the newest iPhone you just got the brand new snack to pursue precise one with the retina scan and not a whole thing I just got it. Two months ago. And now the story breaks today that I phones coming out without even better faster stronger bigger version. And now I decide I have kept that I could see your whole your whole body changed did you see this candlelight. You Whitney did you use Kendrick gave the note to suit of Apple's got a new phone and suddenly. You became disaster looking on line you're gonna win instead of how what about mine I just got it. You going to be second did you get to be second best and the problem yeah I top of the pyramid that's why she's going to be the tippy top. And every parent. What is wrong with me I was literally I checked my phone when I heard this could detect that new phone I have a six and a half inch screen. And I ignited tickled to see a big. This is how is nice screen and and I want right now like cut of rulers so I can see if my I thought my screen was six and a half but that must be bigger. Your phone is the food is also fortified house my car. And do you assume this is directed to you because you're that the weird out here. Do you have to buy everything they when it's new you have to buy it right away and comes out. Yes it's a question about you David no and I waited and waited out a little bit I don't. I'd wait till the bugs get cleaned out. You know what I mean Hispanic while the new phone is not something wrong with it a conscious security at you know something that's always a month or two and I get factoring in the U you have. He's got a new car I know you. All right. I asked everything yeah. Your reexamine this time like a sales persons dreamed I'd like to come all over here lady right. We have something to say I told him she'd come and that's why people wait in line for. Hours that the iPhone store at the Apple Store to get to get these things you do you're cute kemba soccer with the new make a great phone or not I'm not debating NAFTA I. Heavy on the line waiting thing though they've actually waited in line for that. Any any technical thing that comes out and you think probably. Oh my god that I I'll I need help. Sum it up like your your consumed. Requires something. You didn't even know existed a little while ago I need more help anything YouTube parent can give me right now I'm for the intervention college Erica fish.