Sues Daughter Allergic To Tree Nuts

Wednesday, March 21st


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And we'll have that. Think we do without kids when we don't think. They're being either truthful or we don't think they know what they're talking about we just like she should should should think about school outside and play now I think they're exaggerating. Lots of mama yeah. And usually that ends with them going out back outside to play your finishing whatever it is it was Boston and but soon this is straight soon had an experience where you pooh poohed what you daughter was saying and turn into a thing Simpson. You'll be winning any patent awards this year. Not runner up for mother the year like I had the worst bad mom moment yesterday because. What happened is over the course the last like. Year my youngest daughter Emma keeps Tommy to eat different foods are making her feel sick so she ate some granola loner and vacation second I think. So isn't something is wrong my mom lets make you feel sick in my mouth Sally Jane as a yeah that's sick we're the cargo your car sick I'll stop adios some water sank Paterson Waterman QB fun just drink water. So she's like to have in our sick and I feel better what turns out sick pastor makes you feel funny this makes you feel funny that. I have literally been telling her to drink water that's been your answer and yeah so did you put you do not only proved to me like stop it when the fresh attention yeah we were you really tells you tends to be a little bit of a hypochondriac. So you know it was sort of like the boy who cries wolf yeah that's. And I think I I yeah okay oh yeah OK while woods went and got more come up to them. So it turns out she had a pretty bad side reaction she had something with like pistachios in it or something yet again granola bar. And she literally like her tongue tax only and the whole thing. So she has a friend whose dad is a doctor and he's like she has a tree and allergy. Turns out she has a treat allergy and I am the worst mother ever think China drink water got pretty serious allergy. First of all our model died at the deny analogy I know there's very Syria. And the guy kids don't have any of that stuff and I'm so grateful to them no other kids have it's a big to big thing yes send your very fortunate that this other kids. Trying all the parents. Cares more about yeah and future. Are involved in an imposition. My kids have that commonality but I can definitely send my kids that I think there was sent to school sick you're fine just get on the boss yet you can call from the school nurse. Neighbors that a 103 you're like all you do want to shame into the school somebody was for I think it was my goodness middle daughter Fiona like and I wanted to finish my finish it just finish the hard done you'll haven't. And the you know and then twenty minutes after dinner she's an app and so that's the tea bags yet when you don't listen your kids yeah. It's hard with kids sometimes you know you don't wanna engage in and other times like Maine now I'm feeling groups. What should've listened well it might be time to buy Emma a little something nice house that is a little more good it was good.