Sues Fly Is Always Down

Friday, February 23rd


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Lot of stick. When you're walking around the office she feels like to catch clothes looking good today the outfits working for you and all the sudden you're the rug pulled out for Monday. MI flies in down on the top it off say it right out I had it was the most spectacular failure is about is this the about 1520 minutes ago. And you're sitting in your chair over there and also you go. Down hug and tell me. Embarrassed easily god knows because I think my entire life on the air and so nothing there's usually rise. Don't get it for for every morning talk like flagged down but I think to be honest with the amount of schools or Republican but. But but congress and on the outside of the the thing definitely. Every day every day at the same time she goes up and downed so. I hope I miss this. On my way to work many times again I'm gonna want parents myself but here's what I do I tell you my life on my way to work at a long ride to work a lot of might. I feel tight. And I can't button my pants on driving and then as did her works its way down yes I do yes I can dock every everyone and yeah. Do yes hold on a second yes. This is the thing yes and I took that tiger has crippled but yes you can but you can't why because of their their. I mean you don't eat the eggs whenever you're visualizing now about shoes pants. In her car on zip would they're not down around ankles blown out and you just a buckets which you don't. The top button I don't unzipped and the original and you are super tight. All three and what's not what I have a little punch and sell as I'm driving a lot of times. Yeah and I don't have all you have kids you know easily have a little. And so the pants feel like is when you're driving they're sticking there like jabbing your stomach so I am but just the top button but then what happens is I get to work I forget to read button as I'm walking around the might Kippur starts to go down payments every morning around this time port Kendra is like the non. On notice you wait long enough they might work that way down to now. No but I deserve something I can try because like I got a little. Little punch went to me about and it never occurred to me under my belt I don't think most guys really do it I don't know I think you guys may be way your pants looser around your waist I don't know I don't know that it's a guy thing I know that a lot of my friends. It would stereo. But the key is to remember to read button before you get out the car just something that somehow escapes me at her never ever put her coworker of coworkers who. Yeah check it should come in the door let's do it you check your zipper done shoelaces tied everything put together the nuggets. It's exactly everything put together.