Sues GIGANTIC jar of Peanut Butter

Friday, February 2nd


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I totally get the impulse that's the thing magical and a six point seven it's time for one reason. From a medical or six point seven David ensor and candor here 2 on Friday morning we give you one reason to convert out of bed and face the day ahead we're here early before 6 o'clock. For all alone you know hello what's going on today are one reason they look you cradling. Your. Thank Jeff peanut butter it to suit has cut a believed to be the biggest. Jar of just can only to see deficit this year it's 48 ounces it actually wait for three passes to him hope I'm not letting up. And I now. I ask it's the biggest thing of just penal but I've ever seen we've all seen the teen type the teeny tiny ones yeah open champ who and then when it's sort of the normal size when you probably have an account and then there's going to be one if you got. 568. Kids is something that this is if this is like restaurants on that's like meg of that tend to use. Brought it because it was on special and then and actually what's great about this you brought to their candidate Tupac so instead of three pounds you got six pounds. A Pina colada yeah. It was such a good deal because you know what this is a couple weeks it was a couple weeks ago and Sam's Club was closing and I got sucked into that hole like oh my god I have to go and buy things I don't need and they had the two pack of these gigantic drives appear preference I'd in 1919 think about that six pounds of peanut butter. I'm I'm 99 how can I say no. I've got good reviews things and I come home from shopping and I will die. Think if they moved vegetable oil or whatever and it'll be. So much per pound for by the smaller one and then I'll see oh my god it's so much less propounded by just by this big one yeah I'm bringing home and doesn't feel any candidate. The cabinet right there life and she almost throws me out of the house every time I do it but I think I understood I do it all the types O was so much less. Albert why do you think I've practiced then no it didn't fit in my cat the I don't you can destroy native keep the smaller one at all. Surrey ridge I can infer from Alonso. Bad Benjamin Watson peanut butter this morning's Don I have got plenty to show ahead. Paean analogies in the building because there's enough to go around here six. Well we're very happy that you have this kind of strange day in and I mean this is a good way it's it's Groundhog Day gas today which means we have to Google what it means it's. I am always getting conjure it is what is it can if they see their shadow yes if he sees his shadow that means there's six more weeks of winter. A crack and then if he doesn't mean spring in early spring spring and the moon and the sun comes up a little bit later on how that's gonna go up yeah you're doing that paints that it was raining oil left in the course and don't start to snow a little bit there's a lot of extra cars on the road this front and it's really sloppy. So we'll watch a selfish other stuff so bad now 34 bit it is going to be much colder by you this afternoon we start off with Elton John tickets how does that sound to the farewell yellow brick road tour comes into the TD garden. It's October and we're gonna give you tickets to gut a little bit later on. It's the most news in the morning where magic 106 point seven.