Sues Husband is Allergic to Grass

Wednesday, April 18th


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Decisions of millions of viewers that your husband who manages the the yard in the grounds since he did you examine the playground. Pounds at the pumps and now we actually a pretty small yard. Come on now we didn't. But we have landscaper is only because you wanna know why we have landscaper is in this is a true story and I'm not the only that you know my husband's allergic to cut grass. Yeah I want to say that last since he won more time he really is he we used to cut the grass are he used to cut the grass that we. He used to cut the grass all the time for years and he would be no ball hide and everywhere for the entire weekend sneezing all congested and I finally was the one tribe no no I may have no Larry. And yeah. You know the truck. Shot and valor tell. I washing additional. I aides tell me why it's not really how dare you only remember I'm allergic and might get a reaction be allergic to cut grass is a thing now it ain't got. Kopp I helped an allergist Phil Collins I swear to god that is allergies die and he ends in any event he is the melt away. Greg Carter and. Started as a small short side before renowned you're about who's yard is anybody out clean and how yard yet Ernie thank yours is all done. It died I took the first walk around the back of the house over this past weekend since we have reinstall Kansas sticks Democrats are well it's just ahead now are landscaper pain last week and they debris edged all of our bags they cleaned everything out it turned our bush is the art but it bloated Kensington Palace. But it is. A small yard actually. It's it's it's not now. Hasn't hasn't eaten season has not even begun yet and Mardy is suffering from yard and he got. I'm beside myself did you said he has been village. It thinks someone back me up you guys how is today's and then people call and they got him because it is a real thing you'll be like trying to wondering and yeah he charmed life I. It just a little heat and cold you know. Ramona run out to clean up your you know my friend Jack Buck. Yeah way to me he's awesome and so does the plot that they do so partner landscape are they also do plowing offseason so they also do our driveway. This is what they're very very best is the guy who's afraid of you because he's not afraid of and I don't know. It is we lock you not that person we witnessed that parish and trust me yet we dug into people who were in the room with the does a week at 530 to ten and today.