Sues Husband Assembling Chairs

Tuesday, March 20th


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Yourself good yourself like a full week and it's only Tuesday at Wright gets back from your big trip you've got jet lag in the laundry to do and everything she you were away on vacation has been right. And then I just wanna teach and I can really live with what you were telephone the last couple minutes sooner has room furniture shopping. The effort shares right dining armchairs. And of course it was my idea that the chairs that we had you know were good enough and we had to replace them they were getting kind of beat up and rip so we went out over the weekend and we spot and six new chick stood right after app. While the bills for Florida haven't come yet tough. Yeah since we can spend quick spending bills in Florida exactly that was my Clinton and so we bought we Biden and I say well he goes let's just have the stuff delivered to the house might not know and now we can save so much money would just pick up the furniture. After stork. So we last night we took two car easily picked up our six chairs and we both had the idea that they would come assembled. However we got an like here's your boxes and I was like. Thank you B six chairs that was time well it was boxes this is like 730 last and you aren't so you think. Will be home by 815 which are assembled these chairs on the dining room table that that was the vision I had and I think he had as well and when the warehouse guy comes out with two small boxes and truck I know you never want to be assembling anything. So now we're at it might hot zone is ready to kill me number one I didn't want to chairs to begin with number two was he wanted them to liver. And now it's 830 when we get home he begins the process you definitely human status symbol in the last night at 830 he did that's not a job you wanna started in thirty at night. Friday and so bed he has everything out of the Allen wrenches the Oscar is you know where they gal I don't think your fingers can't fit yup. And he's lit surely yelling going I know others appeasement as saying the visit please visit I don't I don't think is a piece missing. Something's gone it didn't go well yeah then there. Had you bet. Yeah I've been to the put it to the point where you really thinking about going back to the store to get the piece that you think is missing and encryption funded under the teeny tiny. Allen wrench that they given you to right field assembled this whole thing so the lesson is no matter how much it cost to have something assembled and delivered pay to pay the money. It's a puppet that shortly money well spent.