Sue's Lunch Crisis

Thursday, July 12th


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Why one reason for waking up this morning was to tell you that I am very concerned about sue. It's morning magic with Chris Su and Kendra and John thanks for waking up with us if so let me explain what I'm concerned about sue. I'm worried about your blood sugar level so. The way even sue comes into work you would think she was going on us. Multi day journey through the mountains is right. So the first thing sues says and she comes in this morning it's like all of my thought. I don't have I didn't have time to pack anything I made on throughout flew out Alia you and and and you know she's not exaggerating she literally. Came in the door and said we'll know what I'm gonna do I didn't have to main entree to. Morning of the out of well I usually bring like a sandwich or sound like something kind of hardy to have you know around 8830 'cause we've been not since 3 AM so you get really hungry. Since today I had to just bring a mishmash of things I have. Like a kid lunch like to have the little peanut butter crackers and a little yogurt and a pair. Normally she brings in five boxes of five top awareness and they staff say they start lied to the bottom and go smaller smaller to the very activity top of the tiny little salad and here's why I'm not lying I don't. I've not had no idea that here's my thing like first of all. What we do for a living in you know like. You're not you're not. Re roofing that house just. He noted me yeah he got all ball now I think you commit a year you'd drive to beautiful bright blue. You know what I mean you come in here you sit in a room with which DOS. I work in a leather chair right bum in share for our hours I know you type and yet pock yeah. Can't even if you didn't have any food. Kind of BR right. Right. And if so I don't. Your food shaming me now like I feel like such a fatty conine as telling a cloud. But over there but but but but therein lies that the amazing this Somalis is that you would think the way that zoo. Toxins out food and such a loving. Almost almost half. Passionate way you would think that she was was really like large but now she snuck in the eighties agony and she's just. With that but hopper where's our food when she ever came in this morning I imagine soon leave her house in the dark her eyes closed with a reusable canvas bag just. Grading in the covered anything she can grabs a few times it is she's got like you know Lipton soup mix and sorry dean's dad now and he Pinto beans at. Oh my god patents. You know all the things that everyone has their coverage that they never be like to know. Yeah lake yeah I know what you mean like we have like in our coverage that that's actually good topic and the things your pantry that you don't throughout that you never like we have this whole charge net Allah. And like all of these things that you're like I don't think we're ever gonna use that why don't we throw you should bring in in keeping here in your emergency bunker front and a time. Come into work together and not enough food poisoning and hot guy eats. I'm better off I'm gonna not eat now all morning golf course so great odds coming out and this company's admitting it was all a publicity stunt.