Sues Money Is Missing!

Wednesday, January 17th


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Just once again American Century Bank right now. You've got your money don't implement money. I don't have my money is not so well online banking industry as you can see when when that when the money goes ahead with my money from six foot seven. Love Hewitt that you were that close to the edge. My money is missing. The David and soon and contributor to we've we generally get like a lot of people you get direct deposit with wrecked paychecks and people get paid once a month sign a sales people get paid quarterly. Some people every week we get paid every two weeks yeah and for one reason or another they've changed how we get. Paid yet and so last. Week instead getting paid on Friday which we should get paid yeah share of the strikers. We didn't get paid on Friday when a federal deposit capture instead of direct to pod right they mailed us which came over the weekend right in the left deposited and then have to clear see your bank holds that night. But the thing is it was a holiday weekend it. Yeah we'll so so for direct deposit and I get my paycheck on Friday direct deposit. Yeah money's in their on Friday. I gotta tell you honestly I'm write checks on Tuesday and Wednesday before. Probably writing that I know won't get cashed until the money's there on Friday at everybody plays that correct. So when reading get paid on Friday we get a paper check mailed on Saturday. I ran action you can go to the back or two with century to take a picture of I know a lot of actually that's what I can tell our vigilance and. You've different idea from bank so I also did the phone thing my daughter showed me how to do it and you don't have to go to the bank just cheap here. You know take a picture it deposits I got emails confirming that they got my deposits but I don't even have. My count doesn't even show these this amount pending the money's not there so my my is just like I don't. It's a wonderful life. In cyberspace. Floating around somewhere and it's a little and how close I mean without put you on the spot or anything that. I mean I would I didn't talk if I don't my regular paycheck to go and every two weeks. It gets close to. You know zero dollars that's. And that's try Matt write about. Larry Page at the page about a young people like a lot of people were discount on the money on America's got yet I'm gonna be negative numbers very soon and they don't pitch out. So because you also remember it's January when all the Christmas film an idea still liking. Yet this is kind of a tough times and he loses so you beyond what anybody phone with a customer service representative from. And Terrell. Wondering if it's the first time I've done the pictures hang him. I need somebody that's respond to its cover yourself until Thursday or Friday that could help out tiny mining it and I am mute it between them up front yeah. Anybody. How low have you gone on your power and might Kendra I'm. How does that mean I can now we're really the solicit funds for you guys I've got to reexamine my life I guess.