Sues Nightmare Day

Friday, March 9th


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545. That's one of six point seven Friday couldn't come at a better time it's been a long week when reason can't remember one of six point seven road here were shaken sounded as soon and good morning. From morning magic I think we have very different experiences with the student. Caught up would you say that's a fair state. I would say that is. Really fair yeah yeah I was in some sort of seven player of how yesterday when it. This suggests that works well I only start then its mines quick and powerful flickered a couple tough opponents data went off for came back on it to go off for an hour during the day yesterday in the McCain back on I got. The snow blower out. The sun to drive when it's completely clear at this point we did of one branch came down. Cut that didn't use the law offers come chop that someone. And they're pretty good with friends come over to use a shower yesterday that's for yeah that sounds to me half to help you see what happened over your play well I had all my I had the fire men in my house because on the alarms in my house went off including the carbon monoxide detectors they had to rip all of the alarms off the walls chain she's take out all the batteries. While the firemen were in my house I could he hear a tree cracking in my back Gary looked out the window. We lost one of our trees and it went smashing into my neighbors Bush's whom they're gonna wanna talk about yeah. And then we had bad things happen in threes I get an email from Lehigh saying guess what we're gonna raise the tuition and I was like. That's facts upper right it is a get in line with your good news Lehigh University yes I was that bad that they just take me when I'm down I hope you win and you still no power house no power and they're saying Saturday now. You and your husband should just not find the nicest or. And we're the most expensive thing on the menu big bottle wine just if you're gonna spend millions. Talking about I don't feel litigate her supreme alleged free I have to pay Leo I'd money I have to pay like yeah. I have to now pay for about 27 new inspired chapter fire alarms. Other than that. You have a great winter yeah well I'm not the storm which is great for you let me tell you what we're trying to turn it around for.