Sue's Patio

Friday, June 15th


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And I just heard in your husband might Texas City, Texas whose husband just text me with a group of talk about expanding the driveway. Com can throw the service vehicles that are there's very little installed all the the contractors are gonna be showing up at your house and then in the coming refute this petty Annika were waiting for I got. You know I mean we have to call against. Fox installing she's patting us plus you get it done by the end of the month I do away phones for its pro Israel has magic cloak that's what a six point seven. And our positions contractor. Thanks this is my idea you've got I gotta say a little surprised to hear from me I'm glad you made the couple's. I. Provoke thought we get our feet so he called me good customer sue. I know you may not have a favorite customer but maybe have a least favorite customer without would that be soon. Now I've been through the early favorites are still. Photographers. But you know she thought it. Judah shoot it is to deal and then and and oh yeah she's cool them or they're very big. Xena he thinks I'm cool of not only am I not a pain in the neck and I. I'm panic I know there's a whole contractor confidentiality. Law but what what are we up to on the budget on this and it's gonna be half a million dollars this idea. The most. Alex you know maybe we can throw me not fire pan or a little wet buyer or something I mean not. I Iran. We're. Based or not affect the owner about. What exactly do that Bob Dole in Newport don't. That's not the best and course she's grinding on the price and shore. Now I am not trying him on the price they gave me a fair price they're a great place they gave me a fair price they do the job and work. Yeah. I was listening outward looking before I call and I as far as I'm goes ridiculous to the end of the month. Some thought to take this a little login but we signed guys you at least send an army guys your house so. Yeah it will still be done this month's unscheduled for the week after next believe it or not bird bird panic button explode. Well we'll make it. Ha aha I've been on the I've been on the other side of showing up late pursue it. And god help humanity not I I found her she was it put it in one day late and. Who snapped into my humor it's that brutal they're just they don't. That's not true. Don't know I know well how your guy you know that I appreciated thanks for college and defending may you got I am asked. I'd give that super couple gateway give me a little black. Right hang out hang. Up here you know I. Feel that you did well the contractor you know he's a great guy and he didn't really get Catholic people saying about you have to so yeah.