Sues Patio Guys In The Heat Today

Monday, June 18th


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Drive by C I noticed it with the landscape Burris can or sometimes road crews are town and state workers who are doing anything we here outside all day in the hot sun. I love Ohio must feel like today do they get today off they don't clips at all. I know only town workers do like if you're doing landscaping like in the town my Brothers are the town if it's ninety's. They they say now safety thing they cancel out my brother's a contractor work from him for couple Summers yeah. You know work you know get paid that I using outage if you're in roofer and you Duncan worked today when it's 95 I'm Lisa home. And then and then it also get your schedule is pretty fall and you take today and it light pushes everybody else topples god. Oh my god who's coming up because since patty is a timeline on this I hired flocking there in a what are we down to nine days eleven days something like that. Stiff this I think twelve hour days for gap they're coming today supposedly to like Tara the grass and do degrading. But I don't know if they'll still come because it's gonna be hundred degrees and a feel terrible we'll come sitting in my air conditioned house looking out at that I can't have them be doing that Susan patio of the signs of a basketball court which is going on behind her house attacked. And your little bit worried that they're gonna do that in new warm today outside well. I don't. Feel right about now and for the the bad debt can I needed yeah I've been thinking now the thing is they're not getting the combination I was all excited I know excitement they said look on Monday. Don't let you play school they need answered got them go to the court I did do that demolition not even like a man drowned off air conditioning and Juan. Until a while yeah yeah yeah. But that's. What they're doing. Of really hard manual labor today the ripping up of the grass and Belgrade where the bobcat comes in and they do all that lake. So you have to go with me looking out the window in my air condition of your house to. Wade fits though will it will they have all sunlight like in like at 10 or 11 o'clock again later this morning it's. Well one son until two this afternoon so they'll be in cold I was out there right now and what I'd just like what I do. You didn't hi guys who knows what it is yet cooler out you buy it buy dollars with bottled water and ice you've thrown in the union the dat initiated under the tree nearby and you say. Have a good day guys doing offered half and come in and cool down. I was gonna say that athletes to highlight incoming rocket they're not allowed to probably go into homes but I don't I don't mind Gillick got a big fan you can sort of pledge house for hide and I can't moderately outages and all waiting for and it would probably make her name oh yeah I think again I think to watch the ice and years and you've probably doing more than most people. I think you really may be let news about them and wanna come inside you know for a minute to do they have to look at what commence your feet I leave me the same language and Roman general. I can't watch yeah I do that sometime why don't have to. A string construction bright often but the one time in my life I did these guys. I don't regret it if they're and it feels like they're good and we talked to your view your ballot Bosnia and we pulled open the vehicle with their little coup was launching anyways and adults mature. And it took a particularly nice is probably pretty dead. I feel really guilty yeah. If they could just didn't feel like like act. I don't know I don't even if I can be home sound come early comes earlier the better the last you'll be in the scorching. Sun and a bubble bath and that makes them mud room yours puts you for Federer last all the hot yes.