Sues Perfect Bill Belichick Impression

Friday, January 19th


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He's been here do you Belichick form again do you just do it could do it again patriot is pretty good this I he didn't tell yeah I didn't know fascinating time Tom all the act tunnel B what Tom Ariza has to be a 100%. Which you know we're only focused on the on the jaguars right now and again it's in front of us and two got too many words to. Pictures of course. Sunday afternoon and the Gillette stadium's going to be beautiful day for the game scoring your fifty degrees something like the and now but the big question is Tom Brady's here in which was kind of a thing yesterday. I don't know though I have a feeling that they're gas sliding a set this whole thing is kind of made up didn't used to do got a lot more than they do it now where they. They put these reports out to constant the other team about whether somebody's hurt when some is going to be able to play a 100%. Rather than the team comes out make. Because you kind of all of this is we know it was a much it's a mind game right you know it's the mindset of the players coming and so I think that there overplaying it a little bit on purpose and you know yesterday in practice Brady was there but he didn't actually thrown yet gloves on both hand right. And everybody speculating how bad is the injury but you can't think of course some of the some some of its mental and it's a mind game. Because it's and it's a playoff game went to goes in these divisional playoff games to players are required to make appearances at the podium to speak to the press and all that template and Brady blew off one of those the other day it would but it wouldn't be the first time these so I'm trying to talk the press today. And then it was gonna talk yesterday he's gonna talk to day at some point during the day exposed to appear on the podium. A little bit later on today and that's from the gonna bombarded with questions about what's going to gloved hand. Right and what cracks me up as you know there are well versed in how to handle these questions is going to be you know. They discussed how they're gonna answer the question there's going to be a line you know this is how we're gonna respond to the hand thing. And that's why you're gonna hear and then they're gonna deflect deflect deflect and keep talking about the game that's of. Really good point in fact yesterday just Brady wasn't around the rest kill the other players what's going on and they were all goofy gone right at the devil quality. Yeah same how to Brady look at his hand looking as Tom Brady looks great he's a good look in Minnesota and would believable.