Sues Vineyard Vacation

Thursday, April 19th


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Well you're right to work we send their chairs 24 hours ago talking about summer's gonna be here I think we talked about summer camp and getting the kids take care. But sue wasted no time and then booking which came in this well throughout the. The book that I did a book my summer vacation and now you know what it just lit a fire under me because I'd been thinking about doing it and I'm late I mean a lot of people bucket so much further advanced than that so where you go on this Paris the moon would not only I'd look at the house on the vineyard for a week. Ruined my day you. If it's that fans say very at a government in their living and I'm not understood didn't you haven't. I've never stick pro weakened only event for a week and said this is gonna be a first for me so I booked a house. And at my girls are gonna come with me I wanted to make sure they can take friends to yourself. How spigot if and you can't consider the death does us more and I spend some of its own my 'cause. Sport and my husband is in a full line flop sweat right now he's like wait a minute wait a minute we have two kids in college with e-book to house on the vineyard. McKinney told us I said. And beer like a Republican House. You booked how close I house yeah I hear you feel like home away or one that was it doesn't. Its decision for money you spoke to box on the vineyard is where and when is it not get off get to guide August 1 in a night. I saw on the vineyard and we can watch to town we can watch the beaches to be off how many bedrooms. Three batters in a small house it's a tiny but really how she happens now I took its eye while she's there swayze will be gardening her blonde back home and taking care of everything methods by managing the rounds while you're gone and I listen. I don't get to see my daughters that happens I think you know we're gonna do an old fashioned family vacation and I decided I was just gonna go for it and the kids. And I checked my husband you good with this is that. Low key had dragged him. Long careful with that I mean I happy booked how soon you know the money was a side. You your kids there you've got two girls college as do lie yeah what you think you're gonna get for them the old and medication when you say like I want to go back and haven't likely it was hanging out in. No I heard that I hope it's close to that but it. No we won't see them the entire week they're gonna Adobe doesn't Europe are going as a whole thing and we're all going is an entire family who play. Then I'm thinking about letting them each bring a friend that could be even back up or down any. Why you're never gonna seed and they meet mom so we're gonna get her nails done and we're going to be out of the bar and sell you know 10 o'clock Seattle's emulator by. Are okay I'll build a better not be at the bar to. But that's it that's a good point and I see the point a Brit asked him to bring a friend does and they feel more comfortable. Me and you note you'll have absolutely no use to them whatsoever on the I down. Once they bring a friend I now won't we won't see them at all into a certain her Abby port Charles forecasts for. The we went out we are available or what I forget what the occasion was there was room in the last month we went out with. My two daughters and each brought a friend and one of the friends was sitting next then what just you know or have dinner and a friend orders like. 35 dollar lived by stay. That they audit that eating me that helps I mean I didn't expect in the order chicken tenders Fries but of that should be aware yeah no that happened to me to out what nights my girls have friends and they start ordering appetizers. Like. Want to get like that not all those eight games this I'm not doing the math. It airport husband's from that Andre is dogs and talk does not seeing pitching pitching at a time of Lebanese or something on the vineyard with the. Just repetition on it and they're kind of hurt don't incidence of still Rudolph.