Swearing Is Good For You

Thursday, January 18th


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Somebody swears you've been you've been doing it and you've been doing it right all on the turn SF turns out I'm not such a bad person after all and no deliberately not much of a well known let me think about as. You know I am first of all we should say AME mean Evers. When we're in a job where you there's a filter that goes on whenever we're working we are realities where Barack before being honest behind the scenes here from time to time. There's some epithets colorful language Russell language math but now there's a new. Study out David that made me feel so much better about myself this morning when I heard it saying that in fact. Swearing can be good for you physically not only does that relieve stress. But they say it can make you stronger literally muscular. You know you like your muscles stronger because. On they said like they did this I am research on people like trying to open up a can and say they've kept the lid is for job. Yeah I jarred me and the latest stock they say to people who swore our. We're stronger they were able to do it it's like if you're like really centers rush hour it is an asset that's for Papa Brett yeah I've sent a rush of adrenaline and I guess like it makes you stronger and it also like even saying certain words like it just. It's I was acute taking a deep breath as you say your expelling all this air. And it's it's it's similar to just like kinds. That is I don't only swear when I'm opening up to ours it's that swear at other times too what about them with that Wendy's where. And well when I'm driving. I think is that he threw for just about every gap and I'm driving alone you're good and you get the movie in your mind is not playing for whatever supposed to be happening it's not up to. Yet everybody is a jerk but they're not a jock or something more colorful than that so yeah when I'm driving a lot. Hero work it's like my computer's working obviously not on the Ambac is safe I might drops a little. Werder careless like something without technology goes awry frustrated right path like but I think the car is my biggest one if you ever had a recorder going in my car people would be horrified what about it do your dear. Yet that you didn't swear in for your kids and nine that job. Trying hard not to swear in from my kids and they were little know I never predict how about the first time. You heard you when your kids swear. Under your kids are much younger when you're 2235. The F 45 advantage on my date yet but I'm sure they've heard you know. Think you're saving it for a special effects that should. So they had to let you know half the and it's really Q in kids face wearing don't realize it's a wet that's because because they've they mimic what they hear out in a while and and they say a word in it's it's kind cupid and yelling. Odom is now unlikely that a guy agreement phone so yeah. Path toward to doing it let's go let's figure out that today if you're swear well and have we used to swear jar I have to put a bucket every time I said I swear so now I'm thinking you know. Maybe they'll do in reverse because it's good to say look out as I guess it. Nice web. Funny I don't. Need my name I get a good idea. They were go.