Texts From Kids

Friday, June 15th


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This another edition we should have a new feature we should call it. I love my children not. Yeah I love my children however yes this is sooner or just amongst ourselves and pat security cameras officer Patrick coming up in the producer ruled today covering the last to get this text from my yes on yesterday I have. And it's so funny because I don't know but and it happens. With you and I sense it does. Because these text that are completely out of nowhere from from my kids and I love hearing from them of course yeah. You'll go weeks without hearing for that matter and when you do it's always like cell oh. What can you give me Ryan can you legally parked in front of the mailbox yeah. Attachment to this attack figure from us on this in the middle of middle of the damn I'm mowing the lawn. And ultimate finesse then I look at it and says hey. Where do you go for good T shirts Macy's. I love it that they are -- brand. And I also got this this is definitely your phone yeah here's what I got from my youngest daughter Emma. Mom can you ask about concert tickets gets better gets better. That concerts that I would go to in the Boston area this summer are Sam Smith. Beyoncé in print deceased. Push hard for this one she's lose in the background band Luke Bryan Jason Mraz and Charlie coats and anything else I can do you and I. Ups and decommission the good seats and that's also backstage passes and hungry for food nuts yes we will yes. Absolutely. Unbelievable yeah like an X and by the way when I text her like where are you were you with. Cricket always go by and you don't hear from toddlers in his hands you know out of the blue yesterday that's that I got beyoncé push hard for this but it. Patrick likes touch back at. It's so funny. Did you have a thing where you text your kids and they won't reply all the time do you have a trick for getting them to reply when you tax when you put in caps power or something like ball I write. A bunch of question accident and they know like I'm like. Hello answer me that if they see that for me that I office and we'll get an immediate reply can now it means that matte what but when they text you. At least this is how I respond my code and to me are gonna respond right away I didn't get right back to himself as proud of them I wouldn't need he. It's crazy an honest to god this is a segment for sure that we should do which is the last taxed your kid segues well we wanted to see if you.