Tips For After Running

Friday, April 13th


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Thousands will be heading to hot continue to run the Boston Marathon on Monday. So once you complete the 26 miles and you crossed the finish line and boy Austin street what she did due to recover. Health experts are weighing in local health experts there saying. Here the three things you need to do that right away from the one. Is to put on warm clothes or make use of those reflective blankets that there's an rates apply yes another race officials have. Second is hydrating with water that has electric lights or chocolate milk they say would try to notice the chocolate milk is just as good as like Gatorade. You know like chocolate milk now what is what is Ron Burgundy say I loved children some. The current milk all our whole of chocolate milk Yonder. And the third thing is eat in the first hour or so after the race. One other suggestion and you actually made this suggestion as well is to keep moving keep walking keep stretching that zero. An anathema to buy it from a couple of marathons and the long races especially like me if you're not used to doing battle I think you've been running for a couple of hours gas and if you just stopped yeah I think in my heart it's time he's got it I think it's more for blood for flow you know relay your brain her standing there at the end talkative people it's like yeah. Sit down and boom and then you start walking around you feel better yet go to they got nice to know like I never gonna need to know I don't trust her.