Tom Brady Injured His Hand In Practice

Thursday, January 18th


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Memo last week when I came into working as complaining about Kosmas who. It's gonna sound weird but everybody's that's happened it's weird times there is drive my skin was trying in my in my fingers and those cracks yeah my fingernails out. I complained about it all morning long now I thought I was Superman yeah well. And I feel a little bit anarchist and Tom Brady will be going to work today. To Zelaya hang nail to dry skin whatever they hang they'll be he's got an injured hand and he's gonna power through yeah. And he's gonna show real leadership I get out just today I think. He imparted to him months. Yeah I think we're making. A lot of nothing here I mean I guess he jammed his hand in practice but you know I think that there. Trying to kind of psych out the other team and say oh well. Injured list I wonder you know whoever not play his hand to be broken in three spots in Tom Brady is going to play hasn't missed a playoff game now term years. And I gap or you are. And when I. Wendy's first sought yesterday it was like interrupting soap operas which alert alert alert Tom Brady's on the have been injured list he didn't meet with the media he had to meet with the team doctors he's injured his hand I got an alert on my found. I thought crowd goes live early end. As though like we were preparing for some sort of I was crashed into ailing accent yeah you know something as though he ran into routine in the field yes and I think you're right I think maybe they make him a little bit more about it the kind of second the other team it's much ado about nothing I think yes. I think he'll be absolutely fine. He is not gonna let back and it's way I don't think we have anything to worry about it is extremely confident that this is now. And bill ballot check played it down but I think they have them on the injured list and I said. To play with people and this is kind of a game grumbled something about yeah around Sunday we have nothing else. We're wishing him well we'll be sleeping in this morning.