Too Many Dishes in our Cabinets

Thursday, July 12th


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Tony placed as one person me I'm asking for a friend or. Yeah and if that thing for our friend the. I don't know we have way too many in my house where I feel like most people. Have all like wait too many dishes in their home from if you actually agree or disagree. Feel pretty give us a call 6179311067. Here's why bring it up because. I'm in the process of moving and night. I think like most people you've got like that one set of basic issues right act your everyday stuff gala dinner plate that it's like a smaller plate. And in the bulls they'll match and that's what. But then we have. So many other. Hole eats and tissues and and polls. And I. Really wanna throw them away but there's something inside me that says. You only use these on her I don't know. It isn't yet well and that's the thing to like my my has been times you might what are all these 'cause I have like Dick doubles and like little is a million little ball a little I don't like imagine if you had your theory nobles but that I have. How does like so many. Like a small bowl that I would put blocker sauce and an even smaller bull that I would put like sour cream and then it kind of a bigger ball that I might put a small salad and it too ridiculous I have like. Fifteen different sized balls. Yes and like the bold you put your guacamole and is completely different from the one that you might look like aside. Of flight oh I don't know like honey mustard and right because I want to multiple house and about. A southwestern look to it. You know well you certainly design of the bulls still exactly yet. Like everything I didn't. Shape but just a million different kinds and high gas signs like wouldn't we be better if we just insisted on. One thing dry heat and OK here's what bully you're eating your guacamole out of you I. You do we didn't know I. Only played here what I mean I think like I had a party last Saturday and I think that my my gas actually are gonna go. She put guacamole in a plain white people right now how. Brood. Like he'd tell parents like I care. It's like we're talking about yesterday would you see your daughter was having her friend it's never been your house over. And you're like going crazy about clean house everything has to be just so and pillows Nazi plot to have to look like no one actually lives in the house or aches and we were saying yesterday that late. No one. Actually cares like. No one is gonna walk India home and noticed that. Perhaps the dish towel that's normally folded into third is this view of physicist you on your kitchen counter into a right. We I don't know think they're paying more attention and they really they just like. Let me set some blocking some chips like that and I thought I don't care what bullet comes out here on paper plate. To serve me food dry heat here at someone's home for a party like if I was at your party that at that it that you had this weekend that you chose not to invite any of us to with a fine suit which is absolutely. Fine none of Basra had about a separate one for all of you now. All of because she doesn't want us to meet all of her now yet you can't yeah he's a separate yeah yeah radio on the regular you don't expect to lead foot thick of apple. Candor we can't meet the people eleven her town's. Men would be horrified. Horrified I know of anyway that's my point was that like. So those people came over area house oh in this greatly. Do you seven a party maybe they were like where's the where's the drinks in her right and then you have a few drinks. That is your I think people look where the drinks when that it even you want me to use but for the during Whitman's. Can I tell you something I had a party once you're gonna you both are gonna laugh and economies so I'm prepared. But like I once had a party where I thought it was in the fall flat like a fault themed party. And I set up coolers and instead of actual coolers I had hollowed out pumpkins and Taft. And filled them with ice and I kept all the beer in hollowed out pumpkins that's off in my life I'm not gonna make fun of you now all right I might steal that idea that it's not really cool idea.