Toys R Us Going Bankrupt

Thursday, March 15th


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My first reaction with the Toys 'R' Us it's like the amount of money and expand and that's tour and are poised for birthday parties and everything how could they possibly. The calling it today that they aren't I. I still like filling exact same way I looked at my husband and said how it's possible we spent the past eight years of our eggs in that store right. So much money hi I am baffled by it more and more educated and Candace who thought this week's a torturous 182 stores. And it's funny because I was trying to remember the last time my kids are a little bit older than yours but I was term last time I was at a Toys 'R' Us store. It was probably CC if this rings true. On my way to a birthday party school to pick ups you know of for for a kid to pick up to clearly from my kid to this other kid he's getting up there in a different story in your anyway. It's exactly right yeah I actually bring the bag in McCartney with a tissue paper and just sort of on the way that I absolutely everybody does that he. It I mean Shockey for their five billion dollars in debt. Had a meeting yesterday where they told him apparently argument that let employees know yet in the last night they filed in and the releases statement that the closing all of their stores. That's a lot of jobs and two time jobs and. I'm just I am just in shock I just I was there at Christmas time I mean there was like thirty people deep in every line with double carriages I'm just don't know how they didn't really have them it was happy is because. I sort of got the feeling it was a place that nobody shot that he wanted UP two things either people shop online. That is Amazon instead of going big store. And also. That put the stuff I remember getting there was looked like Legos on Legos Idaho fashion undulating if you but. I mean I know kids do Legos but our kids like little kids playing with screens and online games and tablets and things like that like less. About toys and Barbie dolls stuffed more about that stuff I'm like still equally Baltic is that I mean they have a huge there'd there'd Disney section toy section for little girls lives and my daughter seven. It's still pretty big and they have a cold clear section for the people older girls that are still little so. I mean I'm still actively adult I shop online and I still going to start it. I mean it is always busy in there when I go and I I am just baffled by the whole thing I think they should be cutting it should open it again we'll Arianna or maybe get some deals is a start to liquidate because that's what's gonna happen liquidating all the old stand on the stock and closing all stores Anthony I'm I'm I'm baffled by an alien speechless and Geoffrey the giraffe and despondent she's.