Valentines Day LOVE IT or HATE IT

Wednesday, February 7th


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Don't forget valentines day that was what went through my head yesterday and I got to remind us coffee shop and those get the coffee. He karma coffee 120 inside being out of nowhere. The a person who's making my coffee should hey don't forget Valentine's day's week not gonna get something special ocean who has meant to feel right. And I mentioned that to sue this morning and sue you just went like valuing yet he rolled out a little derives insured your soldiers I thought Valentine's Day it was a big deal and. Don't know I feel like Valentine's Day is a forced march link I feel like your husband may have significant unbearable. Is significant other walks in the door and I carrier flowers in your heart shaped box of chocolates can I have to do I am now. I have kids out there does I don't think your significant other does not like I I beat you to death. No but I just feel like it's for a sec are you got to show your spouse who love them and it's just this you know I just feel like it's not that genuinely care aides like everybody's running around at the last minute trying to get a heartfelt Carter went average. And my husband's actually way better than I am he's much more of a romantic and me to time it works like get me something I'll get him nothing. Did you have a elegant disasters Valentine's Day at some point in your constant sort of scarred you for not about times what you know I just don't I can't. Tony you've been married a couple of years went really if and it's well if we go allowed him to begin with candles and Lynn in and you know lamb skew were glamour or something like I haven't Valentine's Day that's. And I don't even know that we get I don't I go crazy Gilligan big gift or anything like that. But it's kind of nice to have you know show your partner that you care about him remember try to remind you stop (%expletive) yeah. There in the first place. I was not. Yeah I was young newly dating somebody. Valentine's Day was dead it was bad measure of like how old serious is this relationship because you'd feel like what is he get you does he get you something just like. A little Teddy bear just again elect a piece of jewelry and that was like the marker felt like Q now. I Wii and miss or not and that's like that I like to when I was younger it's now or might. It's the thing it's the depth it's the what is the what's in the box and yeah I mean that's the measure of but the let him know. It's not like how much it rise it's like what it is because that is it's definitely. You can tell how serious you are when you're meeting somebody by what type they get they get you it doesn't matter if it's an inexpensive piece of jewelry but surely jewelry. Means more of a commitment and here's some chocolate and get the feeling it's two and one here. I don't know I don't and it's got that the target like I'm trying to prove that why would be a Bible together I mean in my weapons to have a nice reminder that do in this is you know little. I don't that shows a reflection of that death. You're sticking your child. Mississippi and then hand eye coordination and you've been married for fewer years and Susan and her husband on the merit my wife but it's something your your few years and in fact half enough. Yeah I mean a couple of times he got me like them pretty little earrings and everything and that I remember Dallas and a couple of times those like them flowers of the you know I've. Let's just knock against yeah just got to try and yet it's a cruise somewhere let's just die upturn yet. All I see those. You're an island they accurate. So we need to save off. Every ten years and there's like an acute Valentine's Day gift otherwise we belong guard would be just fine.