WATCH: Kris Jenner Eats Crickets

Thursday, August 9th


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Of this sweet gum as how this week on the she's like early twenties who have the tuna Tonys are saying yeah worth a gazillion dollars. I now isn't it I just I just a little bit of it just just a little slow. Tiny bit she's diversifying tender until some more it's time for the morning Shane career GPS. Is our sponsor what's going on this morning yes we'll miss Selena is once again partnering with coats. To launch her very own coach clothing collection the collection in a feature ultra soft opening say too soft sweaters. Silk slips. Retro inspired her eighties new handbags silhouettes and accessories that will resemble her sense of style. So she's gonna want her own within coaches pretty good coaches I don't know what does any coach Brooks in my home there may be one hiding somewhere in those are experiencing very expensive yes super expensive you can pre order online at coach dot com. He'll be in stores on August 14. The whole collection will be available in stores globally August 31. So we heard about Demi Lovato possibly getting a proposal from Wilmer Valderrama and now Chris Jenner. Is addressing rumors that she and longtime boyfriend Cory gamble could possibly be engaged. She was on Tuesday's episode with James cordon of civilian got their fill your guts. Where he. Ask them questions celebrity questions for that this is what they have to do it he left in her answers question honestly something or you have to eat a 1000 year old and a bloody head cheese I don't know what that is a cow tongue crickets deep fried butter hot sauce or you Sar Deans news. So for one of the last questions he went on and on back and forth with Chris Jenner. For one of the last questions he gave the option of eating crickets or responding to the room that they're engaged he said you've been spotted. Wearing a massive diamond ring on your finger are you engaged in either (%expletive) answering the crickets. She still looks at the cricket team goes no he said he even answers she goes no I'm not answering and he said that's the ring. She goes this isn't the ring but there is there rain and then she kind of just looked over and started eating the crickets and decided not to answer questions sound. She may be engaged that's what I came soon after watching that long disgusting video I've seen mating gauged. And I know you're excited for this David Nikki and read bella are returning for a total balance season for. Makes you say you DV ROK could come on deaf woman that's right and they confirmed yesterday the fourth season is happening. This past season was the most watched season today. But don't worry you can actually see them on their other reality show total divas which is all of the female wrestlers. On the eighth season which premieres September 19 at 9 o'clock until a little bit of an up and down year with the engagement on. They're on their own marriage I've taken follow their journey on December 19. In congratulations for Carrie Underwood she's pregnant with baby number two she confirmed it yesterday with a fun little social media video sound. Good luck to her is she's going onto our next may sound should be pretty busy. And you strange celebrity tweet remember you can play along just call us at 6179311067. Who posted this. Nineteen years while this time nineteen years ago I was dressed from head to toe in purple happy anniversary to the most amazing life. Was it Steve Correll David Beckham or Will Smith Randy can play along Paulus 6179311067.