Watching The Same Movies Over and Over

Tuesday, March 13th


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Today though boys to men and as a ruthless uncertainties because it makes you think of a different work out well the gloves as she each of specialists experts and a slew of the silly day. For us here but certainly if your home. Was gonna retire to in central mass Q school from on the fact that he was working I adhered votes in the senate just like if your home today. Now it's working well but we talked to that woman from a State Street who said as she is working she's she said she gets more done. Working at home than she does. Working at the office and expose it depends a little bit until the job you have yet totally because I can I get so distracted that shiny object I was and I face and it. Fashion and get up and walk out of the room. I need to be away from my house to actually get stuff done I get more done here that I do in my in my house to someone's always asking you to make and you know chicken nuggets like their face or something you might not go home today should. Actress noted that on this day at work actually rather than try to you know. I'll look it's funny I'm not on a sesame all the time and I know the people like to sue his likeness. She she's not a good relax here in and so when you're handed. A day a full day. Where you not only. You you you can't do anything you can't go out I can go on to something outside and you just euros trapped in the house. But what you do at that time you can read unit to start the taxes you know what's bad TV what's it going to be for me it's always movies I like to just to go through see what's on TV then not even on demand I like to see what's on the actual. I cable TV RH BO or something like that. But it's funny is me talking that this I always end up watching. The same either good or bad movies over and over again and I know how they end so why am I sitting through which look which one later. Shawshank prediction it's a the chick every so that you be clicking through and you'll see as the additional checkered and yeah and you're locked in a forever and I see it on the guy you know it's like extended out like four blocks or it's four hours round. So I'll see that a few good men and every time they're on TV. And I get stuck it's what do you think I would. Thank you should do the same thing I don't know why we have all these choices we have we have the Netflix to. You know who weaken much Amazon apple T you can you can watch just about anything you want. You said it perfectly yet I'll just click through and and watch what's on Turner Classic Movies TNT showtime is something. Even with the commercials and break they make the decision for you got to the perfect way to say that I don't wanna have to think about our Taiwan allies that. They started there it's on I don't have the choice I have to just sit there plus you know and hands me my charges in connection redemption is. You know or on its feet a few good men skirts and other when I see a little bit of that with the courtrooms in sky I know how it ends I. I watch it this thing or sit through it like using it for the first time what's wrong with us I don't know. We're just too easy to please we'll throw FaceBook for most of I'm open for ideas of this some new movie you'd think I should check out urge or even an old favorite of yours that you think you know would be good snowed a viewing. And by the way these and I said to be good movies like what happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Probably not in the top ten list that Oscar movie and I. And also it's. Probably not something you don't want to the kids are under foot either a bright. So a little thrust of Obama FaceBook page or go online let us know what you gonna to check it out its edge here in thirty seconds away commercial free music. Is at thirty seconds away right now it's magic Traficant we are sponsored by Bob's discount fringe Kendra was still. Well yet tough go on 95 southbound we still have those two accidents first on that Kearney street. Carr thread there the second one is that right after exit sticks around for 95 exit another car the rug that's causing major delays for 95 southbound. On for many five southbound we have an accident in his April involving a truck in a plow. That's causing delays as well on the disabled bus on 93 southbound red delivered connector the Abbas is on the lord jackets right after the site to be careful for that I'd. Thousand dollars for a with the magic twelve K day at work paid a new key word a chance you wind coming up in 10 minutes at 8 o'clock let's go commercial free here's ensure that natural. And lose. Need. Johnny.