We Annoy Our Spouses

Friday, April 13th


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They're very quiet in here last couple minutes everyone's doing some self reflecting this morning it's a Mets won a six points or more initially talked of films impossible question. That's easy to come up with stuff the bugs you about your partner. Right. What's harder is do you know what bijur partner about you right in the I don't think it's a half critique it let's get to elect a white they'll what could be I know exactly what bugs my way for about me what is it. Then we well I'm aware of religion are like I've I'm probably. Two. I had to a neat stuff the wing need it yeah thing. I think should too particular yeah yeah like on unpacking in the meatpacking the dishwasher in this dirty dishes in this cries and nuts. She won't say anything but I can tell the wishes which could bring. You know. I can just tell you you get side I from our side and I know Fiat you know and I know I know it's a duet if this thing this is why it's not that hard to come up with if you think yeah no you know. Oh no I and a bunch of part by now for me it's that I'm really dramatic and emotional in my reaction to whatever is happening if there's a problem I'm costs were a lot of control unlike. How idiotic comment it's you know the world is coming to an end where he's very rational and logical and be like sit sit sit calm down. There's a solution to this let's think about what we should do here that's I know that's an intent on you know doing talking yeah. You know and back up his dramatic and emotional and you know I mean you guys that know so how did you see the best beach and the worst of each other yet here you know together all morning but that but that thing you do when there's a problem whatever what you have to. Freaked out they'll be no talking you out of it there's no short cutting you freaking out until you get no you're right I have to have that release in order today and clear my head and think about it. Where rationally. Do you know we all remember the moment with the snowplow Dennis sir Derek or whatever his name was the port she was like. Got this right my steps we're stunned that it she's on the phone she screening times like. Soo relaxed it's 7 o'clock in the morning the guys been up to 48 hours eggs when you this no plug I do not sweep off your steps. Actually that no he had come at all and I had to get to learn and I had a little freaked out but what I example. I don't think voicemail. To you over there. Well his big thing is whenever I'm annoyed I always do this guy like. Crying I mean he's at what a what that's like and I'm not I'm just reading. Did you not his breathing that means you're mad at me for something I did something wrong I didn't load the dishwasher right I didn't fold the towels in the tri fold. I guess you're sighing for reasons I am I see that's I know yeah so that I. I'm an audit that yeah well he's giving you an opportunity as what was and you've got enough and I'm just breathing that's your opening to say. Tonight I own this way or do ice washes little and I do and I think there'll be number two. Well I don't given the way you want meters or why do them at all like Ali al-Qaeda now. Well we've got a list we need to make is not the list of what are your budget Parker that's what went down about you that's what you need to keep compromise I'm sure there's a long lasting. Yeah. Yeah.